Halo Wars 2 – All Phoenix Logs Location Guide

Phoenix logs make for some good reading. Phoenix logs is another collectible in Halo Wars 2, which you can find in the different missions, collecting all of them will gives you some extra information about the game story.

Below we have listed all the Phoenix logs that you can find and collect in the game. Also find out all the Skulls in the game for some extra effects.

Mission: The Signal

The Healing of Old Wounds I

  • After destroying the first barricade. Look for your first Phoenix log just down the road; drive right through it to scoop it up

The Healing of Old Wounds II – III – A New Bridge to Cross I

  • Move down the trail and jump off the low cliff. Continue through 3 more Phoenix logs on that route.

A New Bridge to Cross II

  • On road near Pelican crash site

A New Bridge to Cross III

  • When Spartan Red Team proceeds alone. Drive down the road through the last Phoenix log into a fenced enclosure.

Mission: A New Enemy

Rise of Atriox I

  • By the waterfall after first encounter at Banished camp

The Graveyard

  • In front of main Banished base

Mission: Ascension

The Turn of the Screw

  • Tis one is located to the far right on the metal platform walkway to the east

Rise of Atriox II

  • You will find this one on the side path just before you reach the lightbridge

Mission: One Three Zero

Alice-130 Report #1

  • You will find this one in forest glade between the first two prison camps

Mission: The Cartographer

The Blinded

  • This one is located behind the first conduit you disable, at the far left in the west

The Telegony

  • This one will spawns when you destroy eastern Banished minibase site on back upper platform

Mission: Lights Out

A Split Heart Is Easily Conquered

  • This one will spawns when you destroy big Banished base in west

Rise of Atriox III

  • You will find this one in the three-dome prison camp

Mission: From the Deep

A Warning

  • This one is located by the rock arch near eastern shore

Mission: Hold the Line


  • You can find this one on cliff overlooking east approach route

Rise of Atriox IV

  • You will find on the walkway from the base of the Particle Cannon

Mission: Under the Dark

A Small Sacrifice

  • This one is located near first Brute Warlord on first half of map

Rise of Atriox V

  • This will spawns nearby when you kill the third Brute Warlord, just beyond the last red shield gate

Mission: The Foundry

Enduring Conviction Battle Reports

  • You will find near Scarab repair pit by debris

The Snake That Eats the Tail

  • Spawns nearby when you destroy Banished base in south basin

Mission: The Halo

Rise of Atriox VI

  • South of the main UNSC base, next to two Power silos

Mission: Last Stand

Beyond the Edge

  • This one will spawned upon death of southeast Brute Warlord



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