LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – All Red Brick Locations Guide

In LEGO Marvel’s Avengers there Red Bricks can be found in each level of the story, if you miss any Red Brick in the story mode you can collect it in the Free-Play mode after unlocking additional characters with specific abilities. These Red Bricks unlock a cheat for you, after finding the Red Brick you need to purchase it form The Collector’s Room and activate it.

Free-Play Mode Only:

Also only in Free-Play mode you need to find a special item for The Collector, and as reward you will get a red brick. Each time you hand over an item to The Collector you will get it. Each Red Brick unlocks a new cheat, visit The Collector’s Room to purchase and activate.

All Red locations:

There are total 15 red bricks that you can find in the story mode of the game, all are listed below with the details and locations guide.

Level #1: Instant Finisher

  • Effect: Perform an instant finishing move

Location: Before destroying the bunker, find the HYDRA tank surrounded by a red aura and use a Hex ability to destroy it. You must be in Free Play Mode and have a character such as Scarlet Witch or Doctor Strange to do this.

Level #2: Disc Jockey

  • Effect: Hear different music in each level

Location: After opening the leviathan’s mouth, use a character with electricity to power up a generator. This makes the leviathan dance and spit out a Red Brick.

Level #3: Stud Multiplier x4

  • Effect: Multiply the value of collected studs by 4!

Location: The Red Brick is located in the center of the road in the last stage. Just drive in the middle and shoot everything in the way to get this Red Brick.

Level #4: Random Impacts

  • Effect: Create a range of wacky impact effects when you hit enemies

Location: You will need a character with hex power (such as the Scarlet Witch) to get this Red Brick. Once inside the train, move to the left and use hex power to open the locked door to access the brick.

Level #5: Fast Build

  • Effect: Build LEGO objects at super speed

Location: Instead of crossing the stream, walk back into the waterfall to locate a cave. Continue to the left to find a red brick stuck inside a glass crystal. Use a character who can break glass to get the red brick.

Level #6: Mega Jump

  • Effect: Increase the power of Hyper Jumps

Location: After Black Widow slides under Hulk’s legs and enters a room where a large door closes behind her, look for a pole on the back wall on the right side. Use the twirl poles to reach the red brick.

Level #7: Stud Multiplier x6

  • Effect: Multiply the value of collected studs by 6!

Location: There are three Asgardian containers in the area where Captain America moves through. You will need a character like Agent Coulson (Shades) who can destroy Asgardian bricks in order to destroy them and collect this red brick. The first container is located after Captain America crashes through several walls. Get up the kick wall and go to the left to find the second container. The third container is found to the left of the balance beam.

Level #8: Stud Magnet

  • Effect: Triple the range at which studs are collected

Location: After defeating the rapelling Chitauri, use a flying character to glide through the hole in the wall in the building. Now switch to a character, such as Captain America, who can go through cracked walls. Finally, choose a character like Iron Man who can hack terminals. Once the terminal is open, the red brick falls out.

Level #9: Helium Voices

  • Effect: Everyone has squeaky voices

Location: While attacking the Chitauri, a small blimp flies past. It usually comes when it’s time to recharge, so you may want to hold off on firing until you shoot down the blimp. The red brick is awarded automatically once you destroy the blimp.

Level #10: Enemy Loot

  • Effect: Enemies will drop studs when defeated

Location: There is a gold LEGO door near the cleaning lift. Cut through the gold LEGO using a character such as Iron Man to get this red brick.

Level #11: Random Projectiles

  • Effect: Create a range of wacky shots when you fire ranged attacks

Location: In the control room, press the red button several times until an Asgardian block appears in the elevator. Once that happens, use a character with the ability to destroy those blocks, like Agent Coulson (Shades), to blow it up and get the red brick. Also, Destroyer is an option here, too.

Level #12: Stud Multiplier x8

  • Effect: Multiply the value of collected studs by 8!

Location: There are two red statues on either side of the mall and a pole with a red bird on it near the middle. Destroy the statue on the left so the bird has nowhere to land. Eventually, it will drop this brick for you to pick up.

Level #13: Secret Map

  • Effect: A guide to help find collectibles in Manhattan

Location: As Black Widow starts to attack Ultron, look for a lamppost on the left side of the road with a red brick on top. Shoot the brick to collect it.

Level #14: Stud Multiplier x10

  • Effect: Multiply the value of collected studs by 10!

Location: Go down a ramp to the left in this first area in Sokovia to find a fountain. Using a character with hyper strength, such as the Hulk, pick up the fountain. After doing so, the gushing water carries the red brick with it.

Level #15: Invincibility

  • Effect: Become invulnerable to damage from enemies

Location: There are some Asgard bricks in the second area. Destroy them using Agent Coulson (Shades) and then assemble the pieces into a jukebox. The red brick will pop out of the jukebox.

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