Madden NFL 17 – How to Get Maximum Coins for Your Team in MUT

In order to build your Ultimate team, you need to earn coins. Take care about your goals are when you start saving up your coins. Here are we going to tell you the 5 ways that how can you maximize your coins.

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If you want to be the wealthiest players in MUT. Then keep tracking all the content. Soon you will learn, how things fluctuate every week. Keeping an eye on social media is a good way to hear about the newest sets and!

Solo challenges are the best way to earn coins for new players. There are many challenges available in the game which helps you to make more and more coins. Take a day or two and work on completing as many as you can; the sooner you get them done, the more valuable the rewards will be. Playing head-to-head seasons is a great way to earn coins, too. The reward will get bigger as you go high.

Promo events are the good way to build up coins. If a reward is a player who doesn’t fit your team, you can always auction him on the market


You can get valuable items by opening the packs. The more packs you open, more chances you will get the items. You can keep these items or can sell in Auction House to earn coins. Check the bundle topper to see if it’s something you can use for your team or on the market.

If you wait for the player items in the market, they will cost less. On the start of the new season, price of the older items get reduced.

So you need to be patient in order to save coins. If you really value QB items, consider getting the latest and greatest item, but know that you will likely spend some extra coins to get it on day 1.

It can be tough to keep up with the newest items for a whole season, but you can look for similar items that may be a week or two older to save coins.


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