Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – Multiple Endings Detail

In Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness you can have multiple ending according to the affinity level with the other characters. There are 3 different ending which are listed below.

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An ending between Fidel and one other party member is played after Emmerson’s exposition monologue and end credits. Below we have listed all the conditions and their result endings.


Miki, Victor, Fiore, Emmerson, or Anne will appear in a cutscene with Fidel after the captain’s log monologue. Out of these characters, the one with the highest affinity with Fidel is chosen.


If 2 characters tie for the highest amount of affinity with Fidel, the game will prioritize characters in the following order: Miki > Fiore > Anne > Victor > Emmerson.


After that cutscene is finished, it’s possible for an additional cutscene involving Relia to play out. This is unlocked if Fidel’s affinity with her is high enough, which can be attained by triggering most of her Private Actions or giving her heavy doses of Love Potion.

3 – B:

Miki will show up in Relia’s additional cutscene if her cutscene was unlocked in Step 2. Otherwise, the cutscene will only involve Fidel and Relia.

For Fiore’s ending with Fidel without having to feed your party members potions, view all of her Private Actions while ignoring everyone else’s throughout your playthrough.

How to Raise and Lower Affinity Level:

For different endings you need different affinity level with other characters. You can manage it with different ways. Best way is to craft flasks of Emotional Destabilizer or Love Potion No. 256.

Use Emotional Destabilizer to decreases a character’s affinity with Fidel and Love Potion No. 256 to increases a character’s affinity with Fidel

If you lower a party member’s affinity enough while raising another’s, you can manipulate which ending is played at the end of the game.

To create Emotional Destabilizers, you need Lavender (buy from shop), Empty Bottles and Demon’s Tails from Ruddle’s Central Resulian shop, shich you can unlock through his quest line. You also need to have Compounding specialty skill leveled.

To create Potion No. 256, you will need Lavender (buy from shop), Shadow Roses can be found off of Welwitschia plant enemies and Lezard’s Flask is created by synthesizing.

Also you can raise or lower affinity is by triggering Private Actions. Viewing character’s Private Action raises affinity. Skipping Private Actions or responding negatively can lower Fidel’s affinity with said party member.


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