Tales of Zestiria – All Normins Locations Guide

Find these little cute creatures called “Normin” in the world while exploring. There are total 50 Normins that you can find, these will enhance their powers to a piece of your equipment. Once found, normin can be assigned to areas in order to increase the chances of item drops with their particular skills attached.

Once you find all these 50 Normins, go to the inn to unlock a special sub-event and battle. You can learn 120 skills from them. In order to find them easily you can use the Support Talent “Normin for the Win”, you will get the notification when a Normin is closed.

Normins Locations:

Below we have the list of all the Normins that you can find with the area location, use “Normin for the Win” to find them in these areas.

No. Name Locations
1 Atakk Dumnonia Museum
2 Mynd Falkewin Hillside
3 Difens Marlind, the City of the Great Tree
4 Reziss Marlind, the City of the Great Tree
5 Spirri Bors Ruins
6 Rangus Glaivend Basin
7 Roon Volgran Forest
8 Blokk Volgran Forest
9 Wresst Tintagel Ruins
10 Gillium Lamorak Cave
11 Blude Lastonbell, City of Artisans
12 Plezur Lastonbell, City of Artisans
13 Primor Meadow of Triumph
14 Gaine Meadow of Triumph
15 Releeph Malory, the Patinal Forest
16 Fantum Pearloats Pasture
17 Chein Pearloats Pasture
18 Mirag Gaferis Ruins
19 Gaizer Pendrago, the Blessed Capital
20 Justiss Pendrago, the Blessed Capital
21 Tempescht Cambria Caverns
22 Wundor Biroclef Ridge
23 Farrest Yder Cave
24 Fethur Gododdin, the Forgotten Village
25 Tenshun Gododdin, the Forgotten Village
26 Shokk Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial
27 Flaym Pendrago Shrinechurch
28 Sloe Aifread’s Hunting Ground
29 Poizon Weylish Ruins
30 Fatty G Morgause, Shrine of the Earth Trial
31 Animili Lefay, Shrine of the Water Trial
32 Schel Westronbolt Gorge
33 Blarb Ganglen Ruins
34 Leglis Guinevere, Shrine of the Wind Trial
35 Pinyon Great Camelot Bridge
36 Anther Zaphgott Moor
37 Plaite Zaphgott Moor
38 Litsch Trizolde Cave
39 Deemun Plitzerback Wetland
40 Lindwer Lhitwerg Woods
41 Voyd Arctus Ruins
42 Faira Lohgrin, the Tower Remains
43 Urth Lohgrin, the Tower Remains
44 Acqua Remains of Merchior
45 Windur Rayfalke Spiritcrest
46 Pennetrayt Aroundight Forest
47 Sheeld Depths of Mt. Mabinogio Ruins
48 Priventi Camlann, the Origin Village
49 Invalada Artorius’ Throne
50 Phoenix Igraine, Shrine of the Fire Trial

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