The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Treasure Maps Location

Treasure is often found by pickpocketing NPCs, and stealing their possessions from Safeboxes and containers in their homes. They can also be found in Thieves Troves and Hidden Panels.

By using a treasure maps, a drawing of a specific location in Tamriel is shown. Find this location and interact with the small mound of dirt to find the treasure. This consumes the map.

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Below you will find all the Treasure Maps with the location, where you can find the treasure.

Vvardenfell Treasure Map I

  • Region: Azura’s Coast
  • Location: Island East of Bal Fell Ruins

Vvardenfell Treasure Map II

  • Region: Azura’s Coast
  • Location: Island North of Esutanamus Ruins

Vvardenfell Treasure Map III

  • Region: West Gash
  • Location: Island South of Gnisis and West of Veloth AnCEstral Tomb

Vvardenfell Treasure Map IV

  • Region: Ascadian Isles
  • Location: North of Amaya Lake Manor, on Opposite Side of Lake

Vvardenfell Treasure Map V

  • Region: Ashlands
  • Location: West of Valley of the Wind Wayshrine, North of Zergonipal

Vvardenfell Treasure Map VI

  • Region: Molag Amur
  • Location: South of Erabenimsun Camp, Follow Narrow Path South

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map I

  • Region: Molag Amur
  • Location: South of Falensarano Ruins and North of Dwemer Structures, East of Road

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map II

  • Region: Molag Amur
  • Location: West of Erabenimsun Camp, Where Three Paths Converge

Vvardenfell CE Treasure Map III

  • Region: Bitter Coast
  • Location: Aleft Ruins, Northeast Side


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