The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD – Amiibo and Cave of Shadows Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new challenge area and amiibo support. In this guide you will come to know how to use each amiibo in game and how to complete Cave of Shadows, which is a new dungeon to test your Wolf Link skills.

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There are six amiibo in the game. They can be used are Link, Toon Link, Zelda, Sheik, Ganondorf, and the Wolf Link amiibo that came with the retail copy of this game. If you want to use an amiibo, then you need to press down on the D – Pad while in game to pull up the collection screen.

And when you see the amiibo sign on the bottom middle side of the collection screen, you are good to go. Set the amiibo on the bottom left corner of your gamepad and hold it still. When the game registered your amiibo, a message will appear on screen and on gamepad as well.

You can use the amiibo by giving him resources; the catch is that you can use those precious resource-giving amiibo only once per 24-hour day. So use them wisely.

You can unlock amiibo functionality by completing the first Tears of Light quest to remove the Twilight from Faron Woods. After completing it, amiibo sign will appear on the collection screen any time you open it.

It can take few seconds so don’t worry and be patient. Every amiibo has its own effect. Check them out in this section.

Wolf Link

  • This one unlocks and teleports you to the cave of shadows. It is also used to replenish Hearts once inside the Cave of Shadows once per trip. After completing the run, all hears you have will be stored in your wolf link amiibo. When you use your Wolf Link amiibo while in the cave, it will either refill all of your Hearts or just refill your Hearts in the amount that it’s stored up to that point.


  • Fully restores Hearts once a day (Can be used in Cave of Shadows).


  • Fully restores Hearts once a day (Can be used in Cave of Shadows).

Toon Link

  • Replenishes your arrows once a day (Can’t be used in Cave of Shadows).


  • Replenishes your arrows once a day (Can’t be used in Cave of Shadows).


  • Link takes twice the amount of damage.

Cave of Shadows

If you want to test your wolf link skills the cave o shadows is the right place for you. You need to complete this dungeon as wolf link. There are no items, no swords, no healing potions but pure wolf combat.

You need to fight through each floor listed in each challenge all for the goal of Rupees and a bigger Rupee wallet. Every floor has dangerous enemies and you will have to defeat them before moving on.

This dungeon is broken down into three challenges. Every new challenge unlocks more floors, but the problem is you have to do all the floors from the previous floor to get to the new floors. Sounds tough, I guess?

The cave of shadows is the true test of your skills because you not only play as Wolf Link from start to end but also the enemies don’t drop any hearts. You can find a scant amount of Hearts as you battle your way through the cave to hold you over.

You won’t find more than a small handful of hearts but there are other ways to heal. Using the wolf link amiibo in the cave of shadows will recover all of your hearts once per visit to the cave.

Using the Zelda or Sheik amiibo while in the Cave of Shadows will also recover all of your Hearts, but they can only be used once a day so use them after using your wolf link hearts. Every time you complete one of the challenges you’ll see the Record screen, which breaks down how long you played, how many Hearts you lost during that play through, and how many enemies you defeated without taking any damage. You can play cave of shadows again and again and improve your performance.

Challenge 1

This challenge consist floor1 – 5. It unlocks along with amiibo functionality after reviving Faron by completing the first Tears of Light segment.

Floor 1: Three Twilit Messengers

Three dig spots are present in this room; every spot has a green Rupee (1). Turn on your wolf sense by pressing the X button while in wolf form to check out the dig spot. But clear the room first from the enemies before searching the dig spots.

You can take one of the Messengers out with normal attacks, and then ensnare the remaining two in your energy field attack, or gather all three in your energy field and kill them all together.

Floor 2: Four Twilit Messengers

This room has the same strategy as the previous one. Kill one or two with normal attacks, then gather the remaining Messengers in your energy field attack–or you can just gather them all together and kill them all at the exact same time.

After killing all of the Messengers, stand directly against the wall on the northeast side of the room. The R button will start to flash on screen, telling you that Midna wants your attention.

Then Press the R button and Midna will fly up onto a platform with pots on it. ZL-target her and press A to reach the pots. The pots contain two blue Rupees (5) and a single green Rupee (1) for your troubles.

Floor 3: Three Twilit Babas, Four Twilit Vermin

There is a dig spot with a red Rupee (20) in it in this room.  Before taking out the Babas, you need to focus on the Twilit Vermin.

They are mobile and will gladly attack you while you’re working on the Babas. But The Babas are stationary and have a limited range; if you keep your distance from them while taking out the Vermin, you’ll be good.

Floor 4: Four Twilit Vermin, Four Twilit Keese

There is a dig spot with a yellow Rupee (10) in this room. Before getting into this room, reach and wait on the far edge of the balcony. You can get some of the Keese to fly up to you while you’re still on the balcony by approaching the edge and standing there, or by walking slowly over the edge to get Link to slip off and dangle from it.

But do not to jump off the balcony while attacking a Keese. Once you reach on the ground, wait for the Keese to come to you and clear them out, and then go for the Vermin.

Floor 5: Four Twilit Vermin, Four Twilit Messengers

Before challenging the Messengers, you need to focus on Vermin. They need you to use the energy field attack, which makes Link move much slower. On the other hand, the Messengers aren’t fast, so you could roam around the room taking out the Vermin and need not to worry about the Messengers’ attacks.

After completing the first challenge, you will be rewarded a red Rupee (20). Every time you reach this floor in following playthroughs, you will be rewarded another red Rupee. If you’re reaching this room during the second or third challenge, do not miss the dig spot in the center.

You can find a single Heart in it. You can find this dig spot while on the first challenge, but since this marks the end of the first challenge the Heart isn’t all that useful at the moment.


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