Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Narco Road – How to Kill El Invisible Guide

Secret boss of Santa Blanca’s Smuggling network. No one knows his name. No one knows what he looks like. No one knows where he operates from.

Mission: Unknown Target

El Invisible is testing you. Find the target and kill him. Don’t ask questions. You need to gain his trust.

Reward: 750 XP

Keep your distance from the mansion and pull out your drone to mark targets. You must sneak into the building on the east side of the compound. The guards here seem to keep their distance from each other, allowing you to easily pick them off one by one while entering the courtyard. Make sure to dispose of the snipers first, as they will spot you much easier from the rooftops. As you enter, be on the lookout for the Unidad who may emerge from the west building. Take them out right away before they locate you.

The right building has a patrolling Lieutenant, a single enemy on the main floor, one on the level below that, and two more in the basement. Proceed down to the bottom floor, picking off each enemy on the way.

While descending the final staircase to the room with 2 enemies, your objective will change noting that the target is no longer there. Defeat the Unidad and hack the computer, then quickly take cover behind the barrels in the room with the ammo crate.

The gate that previously separated the west underground from the east will open, allowing Unidad to enter the room. Pick them off as they come running down the hallway. Use grenades to quickly deal with multiple enemies that enter the computer room before they reach the second room. After defeating several enemies in this hallway, just wait for the timer to run out. There are two decent options at this point. First, head back upstairs and take the helicopter in the courtyard to escape. Second, go to the other side of the underground, kill two Unidad, kick down a door, and take a motorcycle through a secret tunnel system where the gang will be fighting a group of Unidad. Go to the mission marker to find the target, who is about to leave a small military base. Follow him along the winding road, using the cliffs to conceal your cover.

Mission: Dead Or Alive

Asking you to kill yourself, become invisible like him? That’s a good sign. El Zamuro wants you close to him and that means being close to his PDA.

Reward: 750 XP

Proceed to the mission location and position yourself on the hillside near the mission on the south side of the road. Use your drone to scout the courtyard, making sure to locate the Commander, five enemies in the courtyard, and the sniper on the rooftop. Take down the Sniper first, then move in from the south side, killing the two enemies who are patrolling the back side of the building. Head inside the building and pick off the enemies in the courtyard, taking extra care to not alert the commander. The Commander is a fairly aggressive unit, so retreating from the area may cause him to chase you. Once he’s in your clutches (via stealth or flashbangs), head west down the road to the helicopter. Force him inside and head for the next objective. Once there, remove him from the helicopter and force him into the car. Remember: You can keep enemies in the trunk!

Vehicle is set to explode in seven minutes! Head down the road toward the camp. It’s a long drive, so use the nitro boost effectively. The first time this objective appears, you will be heading for the end of the mission; however, you will soon get interrupted. Bowman needs to analyze the car for information after it is learned that the car has been used in a trafficking ring. Quickly head for the new objective marked on your map. Once there, step out of the car and call in some rebel reinforcements. You are about to fight off a few waves of Unidad! Keep in mind that the timer for the car’s bomb detonation is still running!

Quickly place mines at the mouth of the road leading into the area, then take cover behind the dumpsters to the east of the objective. This will create a great view of the road and any enemies that may attempt to sneak up the hill near the helicopter and car.

Two Unidad trucks equipped with Miniguns and four soldiers on foot will attempt to stop your progress. It’s not a requirement to eliminate the attacking Unidad to complete the task. After 90 seconds have passed, it’s time to go. Don’t waste time killing the remaining Unidad unless it’s absolutely imperative in order to make it back to the car.

Time to drive to the camp with whatever time remains on the clock. Take off down the hill directly for the objective, shaving off the time it would otherwise take to go through the winding road down the mountain. Follow the road into the camp, park the car in the garage, and get out. There are no enemies in this camp, so there’s no need to be stealthy. Run out of the camp down the road from which you entered. Once you are outside the small circle on your mini-map, the mission will end.

Mission: Out Of The Shadows

This is the chance you’ve been waiting for! Go meet this phantom. But be careful; we don’t know what his real intentions are.

Reward: 750 XP

Proceed to the small shack and stow your weapons. After doing so, you get knocked out and the screen will go dark. You awaken in a jail with only your hands and your brain as your weapons. Wait for the dialogue to finish and get close to the door. When it opens, head to the left and follow the hallway to a locked door. Break the lock and go to the right; melee the soldier at the bottom of the stairs and take his weapon. Equip the silencer, then head back inside through the door behind the staircase and kill the patrolling guard. Next, direct your attention back outside and eliminate the two enemies across the small road. Hide behind the dumpsters and sand barricade outside and wait for a soldier to exit the jail area and attempt to cross the road. Kill them after they are clear from the fence.

Cross the street and head to the weapon crate. Keep an eye on the soldier patrolling the small, fenced-in yard as you cross. Once across and behind the fence, kill the snipers in the tower to the northeast. Access your loadout from the nearby crate and re-equip your weapons. Pull out your drone and begin scouting the area. This will help you keep tabs on the patrolling soldiers, thus making the next steps easier. Get on the roof of the north building in this small compound and kill the enemies on the jail rooftops. Wait for two guards to patrol the fence near the exit of the jail area. Let them pass and kill them quickly with your weapons. Head north out of the gate the go left toward the military helicopter. Stay near the fence using the small barriers as cover and then cross the street. Sneak up on the SAM site and place some C4, then kill the soldiers guarding the helicopter. Once you’re in position to board the helicopter, detonate the C4 and take off!

The Unidad helicopter has two seats near each other: the gunner and the driver seat. Choose the driver’s seat, because you can’t switch seats once you’re inside it. If you fail here, your options are not over. This will likely summon a vehicle response from the Unidad to your area of the base. These vehicles can penetrate the gates, allowing you an alternate escape route.

Mission: The Last Laugh

You’ve been given a lifeline, so take it. Give Sonrisa what he wants. Find the PDA and–this time–don’t let Zamuro get away

Reward: 1000 XP, 104 Gang Followers

Proceed to Señor Sonrisa’s hideout and load him into a car before driving to the extraction point. Take a monster truck and drive toward the objective. Jump out above the entrance in the north side of the base. A single enemy will be guarding the outside of the bunker; dispose of him and use the monster truck to get past the small gate and enter the bunker. As you progress through the long walkway leading into the bunker, take out the 3 soldiers as you find them. These three are far from each other and can be killed without the threat of alerting other soldiers.

Kill the Soldier to the right (near the explosives) as you enter the larger area of the bunker. Next, go left and continue to the upper level. Eliminate the lone soldier on this catwalk and continue to the south end of the bunker. Grab the skill point and watch the movement of the five soldiers in the south end of the bunker from the catwalk. Wait for all but two enemies to leave the area, then head north toward the other end of the bunker. Next, cross over to the yellow cargo container that has been converted into an office. Inside this office, you’ll find the PDA and the bunker will begin destructing.

Hop on one of the motorcycles across the road and head straight north out of the tunnel. As you approach the opening, your objective will change. Once you exit the mouth of the bunker, quickly go left and hop into the military helicopter. Take off and chase down El Zamuro. Fire your helicopter’s missiles to take down Zamuro’s helicopter. Once the job is complete, you’ll find yourself outside a small house in the Arizona desert. It’s time for revenge.

It’s time to kill Señor Sonrisa, so kick down the door and end his life.


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