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  • Aléxandros Demos

    Im having a LOT of problems with this game. For starters my Xbox One controller does not work. It is not recognized. Then when I try to play using x360ce, I can map the buttons, it does recognize the controller (both of them I want to play it co-op), but the game gets bugged and I can´t use the controller to pause, or select options. Also, the game stops showing signs to enter the different maps. For example, when you are in the map and want to enter to a boss fight it typically shows the “z” button. When I use a controller with 360ce, it does not appear “z” or any other option.

    I have tried it all.- Has someone found a solution? or maybe the game needs a patch? Thanks in advance.

    • Rodrigo Peixoto Santos

      The same here


      ME TOO BRO :/

    • Eduardo Henke

      I had this exact problem. But, I realized that the x360ce.exe file was not in the game root folder. So check that, and the x360ce version(32 or 64-bit)

  • 1989petarJ

    The x360ce fix isn’t working because you can’t play single player that way,it has double input and second player joins in so you end up controlling two players with one gamepad

    • Dexter

      Same here

  • pirx73

    This worked for me – game bought via Steam:
    Go to Steam settings -> controller -> General control settings and check the generic gamepad configuration support.
    Also make sure to configure your controls in there.
    I do have a generic gamepad.

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