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  • Dillik

    The first sentence of Floor 36 needs cleanup.

  • Dillik

    The header for Floor 30 got mixed into the list from Floor 29.

  • Monkeyking

    if you jump on links wolf head you can also dig and get 100 more rupees

  • Hyrulianfamilycat

    Jumping down to the final floor, I am literally frozen halfway off the ledge while the room continues to move around me. Why 😩

  • ProxEndreeper

    On Floor 29, I found a strategy that works pretty well, basically you sidle up to the armos on their sides, until they detect you. But be careful not to go in front of them, as that causes the door to open. Now lure the Armos away from the doors and defeat it, keeping in mind to avoid triggering the other Armos and the door. Once you defeat the first Armos, their door will open. Now just lure out the enemies and defeat them before moving onto the next Armos. Rinse and repeat. I did this and was able to keep almost all my hearts I had going in, except for 1/2, which I lost to a Rat.

  • Blake Gunn

    Why do the makers of this dungeon love ice so much

  • Brandy Moen

    Floors 34 and 38 is missing.

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