Assassin’s Creed Origins – All Stone Circles Guide

Find any of the 12 Stone Circles around the world to begin the quest “Bayek’s Promise.” A flashback shows an outing with Bayek’s son at the Amun Stone Circle, where Khemu declares he will find every Stone Circle and the Sphinx. Bayek sets out to fulfill this promise.

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To complete the quest, you must find all 12 Stone Circles and align each constellation with the stars in the sky, earning XP each time. Complete all 12 Stone Circles, the quest leads Bayek back to the Amun Stone Circle for the final part of the quest.

Interacting with a Stone Circle will cause the constellation to take shape in the stones. An identical set of stars exists somewhere in the night sky. Move the constellation around with the left stick and rotate with the right stick until you find the stars that match. Move the constellation close enough to allow it to lock in place to complete the stone circle.

  • Total: 12
  • Prerequisite: Complete Main Quest—The False Oracle
  • Objective: Align the stars
  • Related Quests: Bayek’s Promise (Suggested Level: 5)
  • Reward: 150—450 XP each (depending on Stone Circle)

Stone Circles Locations:


  • Territory: Siwa
  • Reward: 150 XP

Amun is the Stone Circle where Bayek took his son not long before. It is located just south of the village of Siwa.

A simple four-star constellation, there isn’t much to look for in the sky. The lone red star sits above the trio of stars. The constellation is placed just left of Pisces.


  • Territory: Isolated Desert
  • Reward: 450 XP

The second Stone Circle in Isolated Desert is found in the far southeastern portion of the territory, near the border with both Faiyum and Saqqara Nome. It requires a bit of a climb, as it sits on the cliff high above.

The forked side of the constellation forms the bull’s body, which points to the left in the night sky. The far left star shines red. Find the spot left of Amun.

Divine Lion

  • Territory: Iment Nome
  • Reward: 300 XP

Find the Divine Lion Stone Circle in the northeastern section of Iment Nome, west of Temple of Sekhmet.

In the night sky, the lion is tipped onto its hind legs with its nose in the air. Look for the two sets of four stars that form the feline’s back and legs. It leaps over Osiris and Apis.

Goat Fish

  • Territory: Isolated Desert
  • Reward: 450 XP

In the far western Isolated Desert, just beyond the Tomb of the Nomads, look for the steps that lead up to a small, deserted base in the mountain. Turn east to find the Stone Circle on a plateau. You can also just climb the side of the cliff to reach it.

The Goat Fish is found in the sky with its head in the air to the right and its tail up to the left. Look for the lower trio of stars that make up its front legs, while the close pair sits in middle of its body.

The Great Twins

  • Territory: White Desert Oasis
  • Reward: 450 XP

The Great Twins sits in the northern lake among the rocks near the western shore.

The Great Twins has another very discernible pattern, but it can be tough to find. Look for the six stars along the bottom that form the feet, as the twins stand upright in the sky. It sits between the Divine Lion and Taweret.


  • Territory: Ka-Khem Nome
  • Reward: 300 XP

Hathor is situated in the middle of the eastern coast of Ka-Khem Nome’s biggest island.

Hathor lies on her side in the sky with her head facing to the right. It sits above the Divine Lion and just right of the Scales.


  • Territory: Uab Nome (North-Central)
  • Reward: 450 XP

If available, use the Fast Travel point in north-central Uab Nome. This puts you just southeast of the Horus Stone Circle. Follow the narrow path south to find the stones on the rocky cliff above.

You find the falcon flying upright in the night sky. Look for the trio of stars that sits between a pair to the right and a single to the left. These create the top of its wings and head.


  • Territory: Qattara Depression
  • Reward: 450 XP

In the Qattara Depression region, just east of the western mountains, the Osiris Stone Circle sits just west of a path.

Osiris stands up straight in the night sky. Look for the group of five stars that create his head; if you are lower in the sky, spot the three stars that make up his feet. Find him just left of Apis.


  • Territory: Faiyum
  • Reward: 300 XP

The Pisces Stone Circle sits in the swampland on the east side of Faiyum, along the lake, east of Philadelphia.

As one of the simpler constellations to decipher, seven stars in a tight circle form the right fish, while a jagged line forms the left. The pair is tilted to the right in the sky so that the right fish is below the left. They are found just right of Amun.

The Scales

  • Territory: Uab Nome
  • Reward: 450 XP

The second Stone Circle in Uab Nome sits near the Nile coast in the northeastern portion of the territory, at the south end of a very short branch of the river.

This constellation is fairly small compared to others, so look for a small grouping of stars. The Scales sits upright with the top pointing straight up. It sits left of the Hathor and above Serqet.


  • Territory: Iment Nome
  • Reward: 150 XP

Find the Serqet Stone Circle in the narrow, northwestern section of Iment Nome, west of Lake Mareotis.

The scorpion’s tail curls upward. Look for the distinct curved body that connects the four stars at the tip of the tail down to the five stars that form the underbody.


  • Territory: Faiyum
  • Reward: 450 XP

In western Faiyum, sitting on the northern shore of the lake, Taweret is found at the end of a short path that cuts through the rock.

The five stars that make up Taweret form a jagged line that forms a slightly slanted 3 when placed in the sky. This one is hard to see; search in the bluish area of the sky, left of Horus.

The Planetarium

  • Territory: Sphinx
  • Ancient Mechanism: Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo
  • Silica Available: 4
  • Silica Required: 50
  • Segment: 6
  • Treasures: 2 (1 rare treasure)

When all 12 Stone Circles are complete, you must return to the Amun Stone Circle and approach the objective marker behind the tree to place the final rock. To complete the promise, you must travel to the Great Sphinx in Giza.

When The False Oracle main quest is completed, the Great Sphinx in Giza becomes accessible. At the rear of the monument, find a secret entrance and crawl inside. Drop down and follow the path until you reach what seems like a dead end. Spot the opening in the far corner and crouch into the next corridor.

Hop over the hole, collect the two treasures from the room ahead, and then drop into the hole. Descend farther into the tomb until you reach a big doorway. Proceed further into the Planetarium room. Each time a Stone Circle is completed, a corresponding light will be shone onto the diorama from the ceiling.

Once all 12 Stone Circles have been completed, interact with the diorama to raise it, revealing a hidden entrance that leads you to the Esfet Oon-m’Aa Poo Ancient Mechanism.

Once inside the big cavern, collect a Silica to the right and two more to the left of the entrance. A fourth Silica sits on the room’s north side. As long as you have 50 Silica in your inventory, you may activate the mechanism in the center of the room. The exit pad sits just beyond the device.

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