Bloodborne – 8 Reasons Why We Are Excited To Play

Bloodborne is an upcoming RPG shooting game published by Sony Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. While playing this game in the atmosphere of ancient city of Yharnam, You can expect plenty of enemies to challenge you, along with the tools needed to cut them down to size. PlayStation 4’s horsepower will allow you to explore even bigger lands than Dark Souls 2.

This game is so awesome that we can’t wait to play for it. Check Out these reasons given below and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section at the end.

A Batter Game Than DarkSouls:


You die a lot in Bloodborne just like Darksouls (Kidding). That’s just the way this game is wired. Bloodborne is better than Dark Souls, because it makes no concessions and still provides the hardcore with the experience they need to feel challenged. It seems strange to say it, but Bloodborne may be the best gateway into the hardcore gaming experience that casual players have ever been offered.

At Gamescom producer of Bloodborn Masaaki Yamagiwa said that;

“In terms of who the game is aimed at, and who we want to capture in terms of the audience, obviously we can’t betray or disappoint the fans out there, they’re very, very important. They’ll be the main ambassadors of the game. But we do want more people to share in this experience”.

The Atmosphere


The soul’s games do a very good job of giving you tons of atmospheres and it seems that Bloodborne is going to take this to the next level. Bloodborne’s mixture of Victorian and Gothic architecture and scenery is truly a sight to behold. The dark gothic city of Yharnam in the game is a very gloomy place filled with little details like fog and flickering torch. Bloodborne seems to feature a so awesome world and atmosphere that we can’t wait to discover.


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