Bloodborne – 8 Reasons Why We Are Excited To Play

Fight against Deadly Bosses


You can’t imagine any roleplaying game without massive boss encounters. Bloodborne isfull of massively giant creatures to test your gaming skills. The suspense before each fight; the intensity of the combat; the desperate clinging to hope when things look dire; the euphoric relief that comes with finally downing your enemy. It’s all here, and it is incredible.

A Special and Standard Collector’s Editions:

bloodborn-Collectors Editions

Special Nightmare Edition: A Special Collector’s Edition known as the Nightmare Edition was revealed, and contains several items along with a copy of the game. These include:

  • Special SteelBook case
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Premium Art Book
  • A Bloodborne Gothic Notebook
  • A Quill and Red Ink Set
  • Bell Trinket
  • “Top Hat” Messenger Skin
  • Book Tin

Standard Collector’s Edition

A standard Collector’s Edition of the game was announced that includes the game, along with the Art Book, Digital Soundtrack, and Special SteelBook Case found in the Nightmare Edition.


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