Devil May Cry 5 Review – New Character, Nero Dante V Gameplay, Game Problems and Solutions

The fifth edition of popular Hack and slash devil may cry 5 is releasing on March 8, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The white-haired demon hunter Dante is coming back in DMC5 after decade and fans are already excited for it. If you haven’t played the DMC5 demo yet, go and download it from the official DMC website.

The game is the sequel of popular Devil May Cry 4 according to producer Matt Walker and director Hideaki Itsuno. Walker said the game has a totally different story that puts DMC series nerds and newcomers in the same boat. But newcomers who want to dig deep into the story of the series also have access to “History of DMC”, a feature that retells the events from previous games in the timeline.

Playable characters

Devil May Cry 5 features 3 playable characters: Nero, Dante, and V. According to the developer of the game there are parts in the game where the story of the three characters intertwine, allowing all of them to be selectable in those specific missions.

Nero has eight types of mechanical arms he can switch around called Devil Breakers. Each Devil Breaker comes with its own unique moves, combos, and special attacks. He has the ability to tocharged-up special attack that deals a lot of damage and often clears all enemies in a room. 

Dante, on the other hand, is all about choice. He has 4 different styles that players can easily choose from, which are essentially variations of his basic melee and ranged attack combinations. Walker said the feel of Dante is similar to the previous series of the game. Unlike Dante and Nero, V fights from a distance by summoning Familiars to do all the heavy lifting for him. V can also use his special attack to summon Nightmare, a giant demon that independently fights enemies and can later be ridden with the right skill unlock.

Devil May Cry 5 Nero, Dante, V Game Play, Epic Bosses And Screenshots.

In the fifth installment of the series Nero stills play like Nero, and Dante still plays like Dante. The gameplay is almost comforting and familiar. However, it’s the brand new character, V, who is the most interesting and unique playable character the series has yet seen.

Devil May Cry – Dante Combat Trailer

Dante in this new combat trailer for Devil May Cry 5, releasing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC March 8.

Enjoy the 10min DMC5 Gameplayer with new characters below. 


We have fetched some action shots from the gameplay.

Devil May Cry 5 Controller Fix – Xbox one, Pc, PlayStation

Xbox 360 Controller Fix

For people who can’t play the game with their 360 controllers, there is a fix for that.

  1. Just download the program called x360ce (Ya, it’s a controller Emulator) drag and drop the file into your DmC folder.
  2. Download link:

    Here an example where you should find the exe of DmC:

    (C:\Steam\steamapps\common\DmC Devil May Cry\Binaries\Win32)

  3. The x360ce program has to be in the same folder where the game is located.
  4. Launch the program.
  5. It could ask if you want to create a ”xinput1_3.dll”. Press on the create button and it will auto create the file.
  6. Then your controller will be detected by the x360ce program and will ask if you want to Search automatically for settings or Browse my computer for settings. Press next.
  7. Press finish.

Fix PS2 controller with a USB adapter

  1. Enter your own joysticks button binds that you want
  2. Then switch to (keyboard configuration) using 5 or 6 buttons in your joysticks
  3. While you are in this menu ..unplug your joysticks (usb controllers ) from your PC
  4. Make sure you heard the unplug sound ..then plug your joysticks again
  5. Exit from the options menu and go back to the game directly and don’t do anything or even check for your controllers
  6. You will find that the configuration that you made is done and you can enjoy the way you want


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