Dragon Quest Builders – All Hidden Treasure Chests Location Guide

While playing the story mode of Dragon Quest Builders, there are some bonus items that are hidden at the different locations of every chapter, including Life of seed, recipes, world maps, Blueprints and other useful items.

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Below we have listed these items with their location details so you can find them easily and build your base more powerful.

Chapter 1: Cantlin – The Ravaged Realm

Seed of Life #1:

  • Go to the mountains located to the south side of your base and find a narrow opening. Go inside it and follow the way till the end to find a chest, guarded by 2 Drackies. Kill them and open the chest to get the Seed of life.

Seed of Life #2:

  • There is chest located to the west and south side of your base. Look for a spire built with pebblestone and earth to reach the treasure chest with Seed of Life.

Chapter 1: Cantlin – Hammerhood Heights

Seed of Life

  • From the blue teleportal point, go to the west side and descend to the bottom of the deep depression. Take a hint from happy hammerhood and build steps up to chest with the seed.

World Map

  • Go to the north side from the friendly hammerhood warming himself at the fire, reach at the edge and go down at a grassy land. Go inside the cave and find the chest at the end with a world map.

Blueprint – Greasy Mallet

  • Go to the west from the Clobberina’s home until you reach at a tall formation with a stone well, clear the earth to get inside it and reach at the the Hammerhood Heights Treasury room, where you will find the Blueprint inside the chest.

Ladder – Recipe

  • Look for the 3 hammerhoods huddle near each other inside an ivy-covered home. Speak with them to learn the Ladder Recipe.

Blueprint – Hammerton Hothouse

Just before going into the castle, look for the 2 garden hammerhoods stand outside their respective gardens. Your task is to make identical gardens. For that you need some items:

  • A shovel
  • 3 milkblossom plants or buds
  • A coralily plant or bud
  • A prickly peach cactus
  • 3 cactus trunks
  • 2 cactus crowns
  • A sandwort
  • A medicinal shrub

Talk to one hammerhood to get a bench. Speak to the other hammerhood to get the Hammerton hothouse blueprint.


  • From the hammerhood gardeners go to the North to find a cave which leads you into the mountains. Now just read the note on the straw flooring. Now go back and return after you learn how to create a gravestone. Place an earth block over the bones and add gravestone atop it, a spirit will rise speak with the spirit to get the talaria.

Chimaera Wing

  • The chest on top of a tower near Ranulph contains a chimaera wing.

Chapter 1: Cantlin – The Damdara Desert

Seed of Life

  • Jump up to the top of the sandstone archway. Read the note next to the bones to get a seed of life.

Gravestone – Recipe

  • Look for the sandy bar under the surface of water that connects a small island to Damdara. Go near the gravestones and speak with brownie to learn how to build Gravestone.

Featherfall Footwear

  • While you are inside the pyramid, break through the earth wall in hallway leading to central chamber. Climb the ivy up to a landing that continues into a hallway with a chest at the end with the Featherfall Footwear.


  • This chest contains a fireplace. It’s down the hall beyond the ivy you climb to reach the featherfall footwear.

Chapter 1: Cantlin – Rockbomb Ravine

A Slime-y Detour

  • Go to the forested area at the end of ravine, home to special slimes.
  • There is an oozeless slime, defend him from the other slimes that appear, then speak with him and he will follow you back to the base.
  • Second slime that’s a bit different is the metal slime. When you spot a metal slime try to corner it. They are difficult to defeat. This location is the only source of silvery sludge, a material needed to make a naughty night light. If you’re struggling to boost your base to lv. 5, the naughty night light is a big help.

Chapter 2: Rimuldar – The Swamps of Sickness

Chimaera Wing

  • Go to the south from your base and across the poisoned water to reach a narrow spire. Look for the chest there tucked into one of the lower ledges with chimaera wings.

Chimaera Wing

  • There I a chest behind Gerontius to get the chimaera wings.

Yggdrasil Essence

  • There is a locked building, return to this after you learn how to make keys. Chest inside building contains Yggdrasil essence.

Seed of Life

  • You can find the chest in one of the caves scattered throughout the mountains with a seed of life. (Random Location)

Chapter 2: Rimuldar – Prickly Wilds

World Map

  • There is a chest under the earth blocks, at the top of the narrow earthen tower, inside the chest you will find the world map.

Featherfall Footwear

  • There is a locked building, return to this after you learn how to make keys. Chest inside the building contains featherfall footwear.


  • You can find the chest in one of the caves scattered throughout the mountains with a bench. (Random Location)

Gold, Seed of Life, Throwing Stone

On your way to killerPiller, you can see the 3 wooden towers. You need to make 3 Tingle tablets and climb to the top of each tower and remove the paralysis afflicting the bodkin archers to get your rewards.

  • Archer in the tower closest to the world map gives you a seed of life.
  • Archer inside the tower covered in straw blocks gives you throwing stone.
  • Archer in the final tower will gives you Gold

Defuddle Drop – Recipe and  Ring of Clarity

  • From the blue teleportal, go to the west and reach at the mansion with the broken roof, to reach a temple with evil idols on either side of its entrance.
  • Speak with tearwolf a learn how to make Defuddle drops. If you need a confusing claw, get one from a scarewolf outside the temple.
  • Use a Defuddle drop on the tearwolf. He gives you a ring of clarity as a sign of gratitude.
  • Note: You will need an herbalist’s cauldron for this.

Gold Ring

  • When you help the tearwolf to get to the top of his temple, look for the chest on the roof with a gold ring inside it.

Chapter 2: Rimuldar – Ancient Palace


  • You can find the chest in one of the caves scattered throughout the mountains with windows. (Random Location)

Rusty Nugget

  • A chest atop a narrow earthen tower has rusty nuggets.

Bonus: Seed of Life

  • Atop the arch that marks the change from swamp to brick blocks is a treasure chest with a seed of life inside.

Chimaera Wing, Medicinal Herb

  • There are 2 chests on the towers od castle walls, After defeating the lunatic you can find them, contains chimaera wings, and other has medicinal herbs.

Divine Dagger, Gold

  • Once you have learned how to make keys, returs to the two locked doors on either side of the lunatic. Open the doors and find chests behind them which contains gold and divine dagger.

Food, Rusty Nuggets

  • Use the ladders at the base of the tall wooden towers to reach a pair of bodkin archers. One wants a potato sprout from you in exchange for its rusty nuggets. The other needs a bonfire under his brick stove to warm his food and gives you butterbeans and potatoes.

Blueprint – Tribute to a Missing Maker

  • Examine the damaged hunter mech under the brick roof to get the tribute to a missing maker blueprint.

Ring of Criticality

  • On the way to confront Illius, there is a tower which is locked, come back here, once you find the key, inside the tower you will find the chest with ring of criticality.

Chapter 2: Rimuldar – Holy Sanctum

Comfy Sofa

  • You can find the chest in one of the caves scattered throughout the mountains with comfy sofa. (Random Location)

Strength Ring

  • To get this ring you need to defeat a large blue ghoul stands still near a pool of water.


  • Unlock the door to the mausoleum near the world tree to reach the chest with silver.

Seed of Life

  • Find a gold golem into the south area of the world tree. an extra ballista with instructions “take it back to your base with you!”, there is an earthen tower, go up and you will find the chest with the seed of life, halfway up the tower.


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