Dragon Quest Builders – All Hidden Treasure Chests Location Guide


Chapter 3: Kol – The Bleak and Burning Badlands

World Map

  • You will find the chest with the World map inside it, in the caves in the south half of Kol.

Gold Ring

  • Look for a tall cactus with a sing in front of it. Move 7 blocks north and 33 blocks east, carry a block to help count the steps. Now dig the chest under the dust with the Gold ring.

Dragon Scale, Seed of Life

  • Look for a rocky pillar in the middle of lava to east of the prison that held Maxi. Defeat the Dragon on it to get the Dragon Scale and a chest there contains Seed of life.

Chapter 3: Kol – Island of Lava

Portrait of a Lady

  • A chest with portrait of a lady appears randomly in one of the caves on the island of lava.

Bonus: Chimaera Wing

  • The chest on top of the earthen tower contains chimaera wings.

Wood, Seed of Life

  • From the blue teleportal, go to the northwest until you reached to a damaged castle. Inside it 3 knights guard a chest with a seed of life. Opposite side a knight errant guard another chest with the woods inside it.


  • The chest atop the broken tracks running into and above the lava contains woods.


  • The chest in the ruined eastern guard tower next to the body holds woods.

Medicinal Herb

  • The chest in the ruined western guard tower has medicinal herbs.

Ring of Awakening, Strength Ring

When you are trying to reach Barbella through the fighting monsters, you will find 2 chests.

  • A cannibox that drops a ring of awakening appears in a random location.
  • Another chest to the north have a strength ring inside it.

Seed of Life, Accessories, Iron Ingot

  • After defeating troll boss, you gain access to a room with 4 chests inside.

Blueprint Roller Kol-ster

Through the blue teleportal, at the far northwestern end of the island, is a structure of bricks with an incomplete track missing four pieces.

  • 2 straight
  • 1 sloped
  • 1 curved

Move existing pieces to the spots that were not connected to find this blueprint.

Chapter 3: Galenholm – Island of Ice

Ring of Criticality

  • From red teleportal go to the south until you find a gigantes vainly. Complete task for her with Hela’s hammer and feed pancakes to obtain a ring of criticality.

Chimaera Wing, Featherfall Footwear

  • Near the frozen lake, look for a tower, inside the tower you will find the chest with chimaera wings and now go up to the roof to find another chest with featherfall footwear.

Chapter 3: Galenholm – The Ruins

Seed of Life

  • Southwest after entering the blue teleportal and through a gate guarded by three mechs will take you to the other side of the mountains. Farther still, you will come upon a tall, snowy formation with a chest at its peak containing a seed of life.

Seed of Life

  • There is another chest inside the pyramid with seed of life inside it.

Scandalous Swimsuit

  • Break through the bridge and land in the shallow water directly under. Open the chest to get a scandalous swimsuit.

Final Chapter: Tantegel – Land of Ash and Despair

Broken Branches, Healing Cream, Seed of Life

  • There are 3 chests out in the open inside the hermitage.

Blue Goo, Coarse Cloth, Gold Ring

There are 3 more chests behind ash blocks, not far from the evil idol closest to the entrance of the hermitage.

  • Go behind it and look for an incomplete ash block wall between two sconces. First chest is there.
  • Go west and smash through a solid ash wall to reach 2 chests with blue goo and gold ring.

Cursed Items, Ring of Criticality

Go to the east from the Myrland’s camp, look for a door with the sign “Tantegel Security”, you need a improved weapon to get insude. Once you are inside, go down and kill the skeletons to find the keys. Open the locked door and smash through blocks to reach additional rooms. Kill all the enemies to reach the treasure chests.

  • Sord of ruin, Thanatos’ shield, and wailer’s mail are cursed.
  • Ring of criticality is not cursed which can be found on lowest level.
  • Defeat the knight in throne room to obtain sword of ruin.

Final Chapter: Tantegel – The Heart of The Darkness

World Map

  • A chest on the west wall inside the castle has the world map.

Seed of Life, Shrooms-on-a-Stick

  • Caves and crevices dot the mountains dominating the northern coastline of Tantegel Moor. Treasure chests will be in two of these spots with shrooms-on-a-stick and a mimic that drops seed of life.

Fried Frog Meat

On western shore of Tantegel Moor, go to the south from the castle to find a ash and bloodstone tower. Climb up to find the chest with the frog meat.


  • There is an enemy camp to the south of the castle, kill 2 dark skeletons and a legerdemain, open the chest to find the rocks.

Seed of Life

  • Look for a camp northwest of the castle has a knight. After defeating the knight, chest unlocks, get your seed of life.


  • A knight abhorrent and 2 legerdemen garrison the camp far to the southwest. Defeat them to open chest inside the camp with gold.

Stronghold Treasure Chests

  • The treasure chest on the first floor near the 3 dark skeletons has iron ingot. The chest in the room lined with draconic columns holds a bench.
  • Second-floor chest contains fur.
  • Ascend to the third floor, go outside for a chest with healing cream in it.
  • Above the castle’s entrance, find the chest next to the Banner of Hope contains steel sabatons.

Final Chapter: Tantegel – A Patchwork Island

Chimaera Wings, Seed of Life

  • 2 chests will appear inside random caves with chimaera wing and seed of life.

Seed of Life from a Mimic

  • A mimic appears in a random location in the mountains on the north half of the island, kill it to get seed of life.

New Recruit

  • While exploring caves in poison swamp region of the island, watch for a speech bubble originating from behind a wall. It’s a trapped drohl who’s looking for acceptance. Speak to him a few times and lead him back to the base and you get a new recruit for the castle.

Steel Ingot, Seed of Life

  • North and south of where you find Barbella, contains chest inside a building made from resilient stone blocks atop an earthen tower. You must use either a magic cannon or wrecking ball to get at the chests inside. The north tower holds a seed of life; the south tower has steel ingot.

Final Chapter: Tantegel – The Dragonlord’s Island

Seed of Life

  • Gatehouse in middle of path to the castle has a chest with a seed of life inside.

Medicinal Herbs

  • After defeating few knights abhorrent and walking past a dread dragon still behind a gate, look for a chest with medicinal herb.

Ruby of Protection, Scare Root

  • After defeating the dread dragon, go down and open the chest to get a ruby of protection. Equip it.
  • Another chest on the opposite end of room has a scare root.


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