Dragon Quest Builders – Day One Edition and DLC Bonus Items

If you purchased the Day One Edition of the game, you can make the some special items in Free Play.  Below is the list of all Day One Edition and DLC Bonus Items that you can make.

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Day One Edition Bonus Items:

Gold block

  • Type: Block
  • A chunk of chalk dyed a gorgeous gold
  • Materials: Chalk, gold

Cherry blossom tree

  • Type: Plant
  • A tree whose beautiful boughs are piled with pretty pink petals
  • Materials: Created when springtide sprinkles are used on a tree
  • Score +50 pts.

Springtide sprinkles

  • Type: Special modifier
  • Pretty powder that prepares parks for the picnic period
  • Materials: Broken branch (x5), plumberry (x5), coal
  • Changes nearby trees into cherry blossom trees and earth floors into straw floor blocks

Slimy block

  • Type: Block
  • A slimy block that oozes with character
  • Materials: Chalk (x3), blue goo

DLC Bonus Items:

There 5 DLC bonus items that you can craft.

Healix the Hero

  • A statue of a heroic slime from a faraway world
  • Score: 500
  • Materials: Stone (x5), copper ingot

8-bit brick

  • A block of bitty brick that brings back bygone memories
  • Materials: Brick wall (x3)


  • A strange and unsettling eyeball-based block
  • Materials: Chalk (x3), magic dye

Olde worlde wall

  • An old-fashioned wall from an old-fashioned world
  • Materials: Stone (x3)

Retro roof

  • A faintly familiar roof tile
  • Materials: Brick wall (x3)

Time-honoured turf

  • A block of granular green grass evocative of ancient Alefgard
  • Materials: Grassy leaves (x3)


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