Fallout 4 – All Magazines Locations Guide

You will find these Magazines around the wasteland, there are 17 types of magazines that you can collect. Magazine perks in Fallout 4 can augment existing perks or provide all new perks, also they will increase your skills for a short time.

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We have listed every single magazine that you can collect in Fallout 4, with its location, so you can easily find them.

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! & Astoundingly Awesome Tales

#1: Zone (01) – Location (1.02) Sanctuary

  • Located inside your own home, where Codsworth is

#2: Zone (01) – Location (2.01) Outpost Zimonja

  • On the workshop

#3: Zone (02) – Location (2.10) Skylanes Flight 1981

  • On restroom toilet below cockpit

#4: Zone (03) – Location (3.14) Boston Mayoral Shelter

  • Located at the lower level bedroom on a small table

#5: Zone (04) – Location (4.03) Dunwich Borers

  • you can find it on a table near the steamer trunk, at bottom of pit below terminal #3

#6: Zone (05) – Location (4.24) East Boston Preparatory School

  • At the top floor, go inside the computer room, located to the southeast corner, you will find it here

#7: Zone (06) – Location (5.24) Crater of Atom

  • Located at the top floor of central metal shack built into northern rocks

#8: Zone (07) – Location (5.31) Sentinel Site

  • Look for a metal hut at the end of tunnels, overlooking the stockpile chamber, you will find it inside this hut

#9: Zone (08) – Location (6.02) Coast Guard Pier

  • On the toilet inside the locked cell by the secured storage room

#10: Zone (09) – Location (7.10) The Institute

  • There is a balcony, which you can access via Holdren’s quarters, located to the North of atrium, you will find it here on the table

#11: Zone (10) – Location (11.02) Trinity Plaza

  • Look for a steamer trunk east side of church interior, you will find it here.

#12: Zone (11) – Location (11.03) Hubris Comics

  • This can be found at the top floor, in the “star” restroom, located near the steamer trunk

#13: Zone (12) – Location (13.01) Pickman Gallery

  • Go to the right side of steamer trunk in last tunnel chamber, where you meet Pickman, here you will find this one

#14: Zone (13) – Location (13.02) Old North Church

  • This one is located inside Railroad HQ

#15: Zone (14) – Location (14.05) Park Street Station (Vault 114)

  • Go to the living quarters area, find a container in the blocked corridor, under the Laundry sign, you will find the last one on it.

Grognak The Barbarian

#1: Zone (01) – Location Sanctuary

  • This one is located inside the kitchen where Codsworth resides on a table

#2: Zone (01) – Location (1.09) Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup

  • Go to the east end of main warehouse, go side the office and collect the magazine from the table

#3: Zone (02) – Location (2.23) Malden Middle School (Vault 75)

  • Find the Overseer’s office at the top floor of it, you will find the magazine on the bed.

#4: Zone (03) – Location (3.06) Corvega Assembly Plant

  • Go to the top floor of assembly level near the Steamer Trunk, look for a metal hut which you can access via catwalk bridge, you will find the magazine inside it.

#5: Zone (04) – Location (3.21) Mass Pike Interchange

  • There is a Gunner camp near Power Armor Station, you can find the magazine on toilet inside the camp

#6: Zone (05) – Location (3.22) Vault 81

  • Reward after completing Miscellaneous Quest “Short Stories in the Classroom”

#7: Zone (06) – Location (4.05) Museum of Witchcraft

  • You will find it in the upper level room of the dungeon, on the table.

#8: Zone (07) – Location (6.18) Hyde Park

  • While in raider camp, there is a building to the south of main drag, go at the top of that building, there you will find the magazine

#9: Zone (08) – Location (9.03) Back Street Apparel

  • This one is located in the ruined apartment, go upstairs, and look for a table near TV and safe, magazine is on it.

#10: Zone (09) – Location (14.04) Boston Common

  • Go inside the bandstand which is located near Park Street Station entrance, look for a skeleton, you will find the magazine near that skeleton.

#11: Zone (10) – Location (18.01) Bus and Apartment Wreckage

  • Look for an apartment with the bus crashed into it, located near the Andrew Street Station, you can find the magazine on the bed inside that apartment.


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