Fallout 76 – Savage Divide – Bobblehead Locations Guide

Location: Autumn Acre Cabin

  • You can find this one on small writing table, next to a coffee mug, by the restroom doorway, inside the cabin.

Location: Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go

  • You can find this one on top of the oven, located inside main shack near hanging meats.
  • Can be found near ruined metal shelf with the gas canister, on the roof of the main shack by the spit-roast cooking station.

Location: Skullbone Vantage

  • You can find this one on leather couch, at the top of the cliffside tower.

Location: Pleasant Valley Cabins

  • Can be found above Raider shanty town, located on the low roof connecting the first two chalets, close to a bus stop, on a ham radio sitting on a crate under a black-and-white umbrella.
  • Can be found above Raider shanty town, on the upper floor of the chalet with parts of its roof missing, on the floor by a short book cabinet, by the pool table.

Location: Top of the World

  • You can find this one on TV stand opposite the sofa, located inside the central elevator column, in the middle of the giant shopping platform.
  • You can find this one near amplifier on the tin stage located northeast of the central elevator column.
  • You can find this one on wooden shelf with the gramophone on it, behind the rickety shop counter west of the central elevator Colum.

Location: Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

  • You can find this one on red ski gondola, atop the Raider defensive wall, on the eastern corner of the defenses.
  • You can find this one on shelf with the three teddy bears, inside the main lodge at the Responder Trading Post, next to the Vendor Bot and counter.
  • You can find this one on desk with the ruined terminal and holotape, in the Employees Only office, on the hallway inside the main lodge, close to the Trading Post.

Location: South Cutthroat Camp

  • You can find this one on ledge of the red ski gondola toilet, with the “Caution Wet Floor” sign outside it, on the north edge of the road.
  • You can find this one on small side table, just left of the burgundy sofa “car throne” seat, on the north side of the road.
  • You can find this one on of the burgundy “car throne” chair, near the trunk on the south side of the road.
  • You can find this one in the tall glass cabinet, located on the right side of the storefront on the south side of the road.

Location: North Cutthroat Camp

  • Can be found on the floor below or the low wall of the checkpoint tower attached to the large Raider skull billboard.

Location: Yellow Sandy’s Still

  • Located on the wooden connecting 2x4s hammered into the tree by the east metal trailer, on the roof of the trailer by the tree and the green road sign

Location: Cliffwatch

  • You can find this one on lower of the two platforms of the main lookout, located behind wooden steps, near metal bucket and sleeping bag.

Location: Safe ‘n Clean Disposal

  • This one is on the seat next to the skeleton driving the small yellow bulldozer, by the fetid pond.

Location: New Appalachian Central Trainyard

  • You can find this one on wooden desk with the typewriter, eastern side, inside the dull red-wallpapered interior, in the upstairs part of the half-demolished bank building.

Location: 98 NAR Regional

  • You can find this one on small book cabinet near the bed, inside the overturned military carriage lying on top of two other carriages; accessed via the opening underneath.

Location: Site Alpha

  • Can be found in the Reactor Area, on top of some plywood, located on northeast side of main room.
  • In the Operations Center, on some metal crates, in a side room to your left, just past the first laser grid, under the painting of the mountain and lake.

Location: The Whitespring Golf Club

  • Located inside clubhouse, on lower level, in one of the trophy case windows in the hallway with the snack bar at one end.
  • Located inside clubhouse, on the lower level, on a shelf under the counter at the far left end of the shoe-shine counter in the men’s locker room.

Location: The Whitespring Resort

  • You can find this one on side table in the children’s bedroom, located on second floor of The Whitespring Presidential Cottage and Museum.

Zone C: South Mountains, Sugar Grove, And Spruce Knob

Location: Blackwater Mine

  • You can find this one on middle chimney, on the roof of the curve-roofed warehouse with the mine entrance inside. This is on the exterior roof, and may require projectiles or enhancing jumping to access.
  • Located at the bottom of the vertical cavern with the metal gantry and generator at the top.
  • You can find this one on metal desk with the ammo, in the tiny computer room with a view of the mine shaft, a short tunnel away from the vertical cavern.
  • You can find this one on horizontal metal bar, in the dead-end alcove to the right of the exit ladder, located behind the two chevron blockades.

Location: Middle Mountain Cabins

  • You can find this one on desk with the Pioneer Scout Terminal, between the bunk beds, in the center cabin.
  • You can find this one on mantle of the fireplace, on the northwest side of the right cabin.

Location: Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

  • Hidden on the ground behind three corroding metal barrels, in the small locked metal garage, inside the upper fenced exterior area with the two large, blue, vertical processing units.
  • Can be found inside the right sink, in the south corner of the curve-roofed warehouse, just right of the mine entrance door.
  • You can find this one on orange forklift with the radioactive barrels, at the interior mine junction, at the southeast end of the initial mine tunnel.

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