Fallout 76 – Savage Divide – Bobblehead Locations Guide

Bobblehead is one of the most important collectible in Fallout 76, there are total 20 different Bobbleheads that you can collect across the all 6 regions. If you find one and it’s not there, it means it has been taken away or not spawn yet so keep checking.

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Below we have listed all the Bobbleheads locations with the detail so you can find it easily.

Bobblehead Locations:

Zone A: North Mountains, Sunnytop, And Monongah

Location: Palace of the Winding Path

  • Can be found underwater, one of the two gigantic vats, located in the basement with the generator and gantry.

Location: Bailey Family Cabin

  • You can find this one on metal shelving, 2 shelves down from the teddy bear, located inside rusting metal caravan.

Location: Site Bravo

  • You can find this one in Reactor Area, located on top of some plywood, on some large green crates, on the northeast side of the main room.
  • You can find this one on Operations Center, located on some metal crates, in a side room to your left, just past the first laser grid, under the painting of the mountain and lake.
  • You can find this one in Storage Area’s main room, inside corner of shelves located just outside door to the room with the Tinker’s Workbench.
  • Can be found in Control Room, on upper-level platform, on top of the tall consoles located outside Launch Control Chief’s room.

Location: Sunnytop Ski Lanes

  • You can find this one on rusting human cages with the skeleton draped on them, on the green tin roof porch of the side building, on the southwest exterior side of that building.
  • You can find this one on ornate dresser with the skull and locked Guest Terminal, to the right of the large stone fireplace, in guest room 2.
  • You can find this one on the corner of counter shelving, located to the right of Vincent Fried’s Terminal, southwest end of the ski rental counter, facing the lockers.
  • You can find this one on corner of the computer bank, inside the tiny lift operator hut, by the ski gondola line.

Location: Sunnytop Ski Lanes Base Lodge

  • You can find this one under the counter with the lockers behind them, below a blue cash register, in the northwest corner window overlooking the parking lot.
  • You can find this one on white corner computer bank, in the southwest corner of the upper balcony mezzanine, located next to the terminal in the white wooden wall alcove.

Location: Hopewell Cave

  • You can find this one on triangular hole directly above the cave entrance; access with enhanced jumping or explosive weaponry.

Location: Ingram Mansion

  • You can find this one on mantle of stone fireplace, located left of trunk, at western end of mansion, in master bedroom.

Location: Monongah

  • Can be found among the junk on wooden crate pile behind the security gate attached to the brick cottage near the center of town.

Location: Observatory

  • You can find this one on top of viewing lens, in the huge domed telescope chamber.

Location: Sons of Dane Compound

  • You can find this one on desk by Dane Roger’s Terminal on the upstairs landing, located inside faded blue farmhouse.
  • You can find this one on right side of left cinder block section, located at shooting range south of Buck’s Den.
  • You can find this one on amplifier under the stairs, located on left side of the stage with the instruments, east wall of The Buck’s Den.

Location: Relay Tower LW-B1-22

  • You can find this one in the locker to the right of the computer bank, located on northwest wall of the interior, inside the hut.

Location: Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp

  • You can find this one on cardboard box and wood crates at the back of the large green tent just to the left of the rusting pickup truck.
  • You can find this one on metal containers with the rounded corners, located at back of small green tent with the rusting dirt bike propped up next to it.

Zone B: Central Mountains, Pleasant Valley, And Whitespring

Location: Seneca Gang Camp

  • You can find this one on small painted dresser behind the faded red trunk, by the red seat with the corpse on it, near the safe on the south side of the camp.

Location: Wendigo Cave

  • You can find this one in cave alcove with spike floor trap board located inside the cave interior.
  • You can find this one in watery junction cavern with the rock column, between two skeletons, open first aid boxes, and some revolting offal, in a small blue tray container, inside the cave interior.
  • By the chained skeleton with the red bandana, below the shaft of light in the rubble-filled alcove with the metal box, inside the cave interior.

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