Fallout 76 – The Ash Heap – Bobblehead Locations Guide

Bobblehead is one of the most important collectible in Fallout 76, there are total 20 different Bobbleheads that you can collect across the all 6 regions. If you find one and it’s not there, it means it has been taken away or not spawn yet so keep checking.

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Below we have listed all the Bobbleheads locations with the detail so you can find it easily.

Bobblehead Locations:

Zone A: Beckley and Mount Blair

Location: Camden Park

  • You will find this one on small ride cart with the skeleton, located on the tracks just below the “Minor Miner Zone” sign.
  • You will find this one on file box between the two filing cabinets, located behind desk with terminal on it, in the metal employees-only warehouse.
  • You will find this one on rollercoaster hut, located at the summit of the first ascent, just above a crashed rollercoaster train, on The Widow Maker ride.
  • Can only be found at the barrel by green plastic outhouse, located at ruined Raider stall, north side of camp in middle of The Widow Maker ride.

Location: Relay Tower HG-B7-09

  • Can be found roof of hut, located at the base of tower mast, by the skeletal remains of the worker.

Location: Belching Betty

  • Can be found on top of tool box inside white and orange trailer, located inside the mine at shaft and stairwell.
  • You will find this one on inside corner shelving in storage and locker room midway down the main shaft steps.
  • Located by body of firefighter Rita Wilcox, on a metal table by a mainframe computer between the two light-blue generators in the main cavern generator room.
  • You will find this one on end of a horizontal metal rod, in a tunnel alcove in the long conveyor belt room, before the exit.

Location: The Rusty Pick

  • You will find this one behind Mick Flanagan’s terminal, located on metal desk, inside cellar workbench room.
  • Can be found behind an overturned, half-buried barrel near pallets and containers in netting, in the dead-end cavern at the end of the tunnel.

Location: Beckley

  • You will find this one on a small green card table, on the upper defensive Raider wall located south side in the middle of town.

Location: Sal’s Grinders

  • You will find this one on desk by Sal’s personal terminal, in the large upstairs bedroom with the trunk.
  • You will find this one on roof of the gun shop attached to Sal’s Grinders, with other junk and detritus, near the hole from inside the Sal’s Grinders upstairs building.

Location: Mount Blair Trainyard

  • You will find this one on southern edge of the roof, at the foot of the large chimney on the western trainyard roof located, between 2 concrete rooftop extractor fans.
  • You will find this one on northeastern corner of the eastern trainyard roof, near the small corner chevron plate, on the exterior corner of the lockedroof maintenance hut.
  • You will find this one on girder holding the large L-shaped coal pipe attached to the huge bulbous white metal tower, above the coal carriages east of the yard building; access via enhanced jumps, careful pipe walking, or explosive weaponry.

Location: Mount Blair

  • You will find this one on oval table inside the west trailer, located near large bulldozer warehouse southeast of the gigantic bucket wheel excavator.
  • Can be found in the basement of one of bulldozer garages, through the barred door, located near the tall tool cabinet near the explosive canisters and metal shelving.

Location: Rollins Work Camp

  • Tucked under the winch cables on the roof of the huge bucket excavator, accessed via the rust-red gantry.

Zone B: Lewisburg, Welch, And Garrahan Mining

Location: The Burning Mine

  • You can find this one on blue conveyor end attached to the yellow machinery, at the lower end of the sloping coal conveyor belt, in the huge tiered chamber, inside the mine.
  • You can find this one on metal shelf behind the fusion core generator, on the western side of the large room with the gantry platform, large blue piston machinery, metal stairs, and two conveyor belts.
  • Can be found inside yellow crate trolley, located on tiered rock area with the burning coal, halfway down the large smoke-filled room with the generators at the bottom and metal gantry steps and shaft structure at the top.
  • You can find this one on top of metal mainframe computer in the upper break room with the jukebox, in the room with the two yellow generators, where the coring takes place.

Location: Widow’s Perch

  • At the very end of the plank linking the shack to the top of the billboard, on the top middle edge of the billboard itself, at the foot of the opposite fence post to the radio.

Location: Uncanny Caverns

  • You can find this one on Nuka-Cola machine on the wood deck, just right of audio tour #1.
  • You can find this one on rocks above the sprawled skeleton near the lantern and liquor bottles; the small cave at audio tour #6.
  • You can find this one on rocks by a small patch of Glowing Fungus and skeletal remains, across from the “cold deep” water, southeast of the audio switch for tour #7.
  • You can find this one on horizontal “crease” part of the cave wall, left of the two sleeping bags, right of the cooking station, in the cave with the trunk, part of audio tour #8.

Location: Bastion Park

  • You can find this one on ground by the bench with the two skeletons on it, near the flagpole, on the north side of the park.
  • Can be found inside the school bus, second seat on the right from the driver’s seat. The bus is parked next to the fountain.

Location: Lewisburg

  • You can find this one on crate acting as a side table, in the “rooftop living room” on top of the two-level white brick building, in the east-central block of the rooftop garden area of town.
  • You can find this one on writing desk, located in upper interior of the Visitor Center, close to restroom door.

Location: Big Bend Tunnel West

  • You can find this one on filing cabinet, located behind the metal counter with wire wall and locked door, in central mine warehouse, in the middle of the tunnel interior.

Location: AMS Testing Site

  • Located at south warehouse, south-middle edge of arched roof, on ground near the fusion core generator outside, or behind the two concrete barriers near the Power Armor Station.

Location: Red Rocket Filling Station

  • You can find this one on southeast corner of roof of the filling station; attempt to reach via the cylinders and trailers; enhanced jumping may be needed.

Location: Hornwright Testing Site #03

  • On the small light blue mainframe computer at the end of the gantry.

Location: Striker Row

  • You can find this one on dashboard radio, inside the rusting coach/tent near the tire piles.
  • On the metal desk, inside the blue-and-white metal trailer, at the top of the location by a trunk and tarp-covered sitting area.

Location: Garrahan Mining Headquarters

  • You can find this one on white shelf, in the southeast corner of the CEO’s office, inside the headquarters.

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