Fallout 76 – Savage Divide – All Magazine Location Guide

There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it.

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Here is the location of all the Magazines that you can find in the Fallout 76 with the primary location and detail of its location.

Zone A: North Mountains, Sunnytop, And Monongah

Location: Palace of the Winding Path

  • This one is under the red couch, located to the northwest corner of balcony area.

Location: Bailey Family Cabin

  • This one is on the coffee table, located inside the cabin.

Location: Site Bravo

  • This one is in Reactor Area, located on the desk with a broken terminal and a clown on it, on the west wall of the main room.
  • This one is on a desk with a broken terminal, located in the lowered area in the center of the main room.
  • This one is on a desk in a small room with 3 fabricator pods, just off the main room.

Location: Sunnytop Ski Lanes

  • This one is on the round table, by the curved perimeter stone wall overlooking the view to the east, with a broken tree trunk and a hot tub nearby.
  • This one is on the deck by the Raider corpse draped across the white wood recliner, on the outside raised wood deck to the northwest, attached to the main lodge, just above the parked gray bus.

Location: Sunnytop Ski Lanes Base Lodge

  • This one is behind the small stacked wood crates, on the green tin roof deck, located on the east side of the lodge.
  • This one is on the red table, just right of the large stone fireplace, located under the wooden upstairs balcony mezzanine.

Location: Hopewell Cave

  • This one is in small blue tray, by the burned-out campfire and sleeping bag, inside the cave.

Location: Ingram Mansion

  • This one is on the coffee table in the living room with the 2 green couches, located inside the mansion.
  • This one is on the small painted side dresser at the far end of the upstairs balcony hallway.

Location: Monongah

  • This one is on the upturned Nuka-Cola wooden crate, on the lookout deck, behind and north of the gray cottage, north rock outcrop, on the edge of town.

Location: Observatory

  • This one is on the low coffee table by the L-shaped couch, in the remains of the break room, south of the main circular chamber.

Location: Sons of Dane Compound

  • You can find this one on top of, or on the ground below, the large lookout tower near the road, northwestern entrance into the compound.
  • This one is located on the small trolley with the microscope on it, left of the Chemistry Station, in the chem lab basement of the faded blue farmhouse.
  • This one is on the picnic table, southwest corner of The Buck’s Den.

Location: Relay Tower LW-B1-22

  • This one is on the top of the mainframe computer bank, near the lamp, on the computer attached to the large concrete central pillar; northwest if looking at the middle pillar.

Location: Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp

  • This one is on the stack of small wood crates with the rusty dirtbike, located outside 2 green tents.
  • This one is on the stack of curved metal crates, near the radio, inside the larger of the two green tents.

Zone B: Central Mountains, Pleasant Valley, And Whitespring

Location: Seneca Gang Camp

  • Find this on red seat by the dead Raider, next to the faded red trunk, located near the safe on the south side of the camp.

Location: Wendigo Cave

  • By the skeleton with the cooler, in the tiny alcove (west), in the upper part of the main cavern, above the river.
  • By the skull and headless skeleton, near a small pond of dirty water and an ammo box, northwest wall in a small connecting cavern with narrow tunnels to the northwest, north, and southeast.
  • This one is among the pile of bloody human bones, southeast alcove in one of the main junction caverns with the rock column.

Location: Autumn Acre Cabin

  • This one is on the sideboard by the log pile and antique globe, right of the large stone fireplace, inside the cabin.

Location: Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go

  • This one is on the headboard shelf of the bed with the red trunk on it, near the mannequin in the shack’s upstairs bedroom with the Mothman poster on the wall.
  • On the seat of the outhouse, on the rocks roughly north of the main shack structure.

Location: Skullbone Vantage

  • This one is on the tiny, distressed side table, jammed next to the red sofa with two sprawled Raider corpses on it, part of the “car sofa”, right of the lookout tower.

Location: Pleasant Valley Cabins

  • This one is on the headboard of the double-mattress bed, in the first ruined lodge structure, with the planks onto the roof of the coach, near the bus stop.
  • On the lectern, on the stone patio, southwest end of the upper lodge area, with the multiple seats around the lectern, which is flanked by two red ornate chairs.
  • This one is on the mattress in the room with the rug, off the room with the three terminals and green carpet, inside the lodge attached to the Raider arena, accessed via the exterior deck.
  • On the low side table between two red bar stools with backs, above scattered beer bottles, on the deck of the southwestern, faded blue shiplap mansion, lower area.
  • On the coffee table with the two Cafeteria Trays, by the blue couch under the Brahmin wall mount heads, inside the yellow door and curtained cabin.
  • On the metal table below the Raider corpse, in the bunk bed cabin with half a red front door, northwest cabin in the group of three, next to the rusty yellow pickup.

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