Fallout 76 – The Ash Heap – All Magazine Location Guide

There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it.

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Here is the location of all the Magazines that you can find in the Fallout 76 with the primary location and detail of its location.

Zone A: Beckley and Mount Blair

Location: Camden Park

  • You will find this one on the deck, by the fallen metal magazine carousel by the ice cream sign, under the boarded-up ice cream stall, located south of Sugar Heaps Trading Post.
  • You will find this one in green plastic outhouse, at the ruined Raider stall, located on north side of camp in the middle of The Widow Maker ride.
  • You will find this one on the seat next to the Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy, located on the penultimate cart of the stalled rollercoaster train, on The Widow Maker ride.

Location: Relay Tower HG-B7-09

  • You will find this one below the open locker against the north wall, located inside the concrete hut, left of the doorway, near an ammo crate.

Location: Belching Betty

  • You will find this one on top of the mainframe computer, northwest corner of the second metal maintenance office above the interior mine tracks.
  • You will find this one below the orange tool case sitting on the mainframe computer, between the computer and a wooden crate, opposite the Chemistry Station.
  • This one is near the wastebasket and two filing cabinets, on the windowed wall of the blue metal maintenance hut with the trunk and the Garrahan Mining logo on it, in the main cavern.
  • Go around the back of giant boiler machine, with the Tinker’s Workbench at the front of the boiler, in the room with the fusion core generator, in the mesh walled area, west end of the main generator cabin.

Location: The Rusty Pick

  • Near the toilet in the middle stall, in the women’s restroom, located inside the tavern.
  • This one is tucked halfway under the metal and yellow machine with the levers, left of the rope-rock blocks, just to the southwest wall of the dead-end cavern with the pallet and barrel table, at the end of the tunnel.

Location: Beckley

  • You will find this one On the toilet, in the locked restroom on the north side of the gas station and store, on the east side of town.
  • This one is among the planks and rubble near a sofa and small metal blue cooler, on a ruined rooftop, located on the building with the Nuka-Cherry sign on the brickwork, north end of town near the water tower.

Location: Sal’s Grinders

  • You will find this one On the metal shelf, right of the sink in the south corner of the men’s restroom, across from the kitchen on the ground floor (interior).

Location: Nicholson’s End

  • You will find this one On or around the toilet inside the northwest trailer.

Location: Mount Blair Trainyard

  • This one is between the two filing cabinets on the west wall of the office up the initial gantry steps, south side of the east concrete yard structure.
  • Behind the tall green work cabinet with the two blue tray containers, northwestern corner of the upstairs balcony area; in the large metal storage warehouse, west side of the trainyard.
  • You will find this one on the small green chair, on the wood sheet platform, southwest corner of the roof of the east of the two large concrete yard structures.

Location: Mount Blair

  • You will find this one n the surprisingly clean and modern toilet, in the wrecked trailer northwest of the main excavator, near the three rusting trucks and the fire truck.
  • Go into the basement of one of the bulldozer garages, through the barred door, above the alarm clock on the wall shelf of the work counter.

Location: Rollins Work Camp

  • You will find this one at the very back, on the roof of the huge bucket excavator, accessed via the rust-red gantry.

Zone B: Lewisburg, Welch, And Garrahan Mining

Location: The Burning Mine

  • You will find this one On the passenger seat of the yellow mine buggy half-buried in molten slag, across from the yellow-and-blue sloping mine conveyor belt, in the tiered, large cavern.
  • You will find this one in the sink, on the right side of the small wooden deck along the eastern rock wall of the trio of blue piston conveyor belts, in the chamber with the gantry and stairs down the middle.
  • You will find this one On the wooden table, right of a small wood crate, with other wood crates, against a rock wall, near a parked coal buggy, just left (west) of two half-buried white metal generators, in the large cavern with the metal steps to the south.
  • You will find this one On a low wood crate, one of three stacked at the corner of two large metal cargo containers, a barrel, and other debris, near a yellow forklift, at the bottom of the tiered cavern where the coal conveyor belt ends.

Location: Widow’s Perch

  • You will find this one behind the cinder block and thin wood board, near the broom and protest sign, across from the mattress and small blue-frame painting on the wall.

Location: Uncanny Caverns

  • On the magazine carousel, west corner of the gift shop, just left of the massive hole in the exterior wall.
  • In the right display case, under the “Uncanny Caverns” poster, northwest wall behind the curved reception and transaction desk of the main entrance structure.
  • By the sleeping bag, corpse, and duffle bag, near the cooking station, in the small cave with the moonshine still and traps, audio tour #4.
  • This one is between the two sleeping bags near the radio, in the cavern with the cooking station, green trunk, and audio tour.

Location: Bastion Park

  • Located On the floor of the right-side seating towards the back of the school bus parked between the playground and the fountain.
  • This one is located on the rear passenger seat of the rusting car, parked with other vehicles in the eastern rear of the park, near the second school bus.

Location: Pleasant Hills Cemetery

  • Behind the large, completely burned safe housing, with the smaller, regular-sized locked safe (3) within it, inside the tiny mausoleum.

Location: Lewisburg

  • You will find this one On the rubble-filled diner counter, near the crushed skeleton, inside the restaurant.
  • You will find this one On the small green card table to the right of the green trunk, inside the storage attic of the Visitor Center, accessed via the rooftop garden (near the small greenhouse, southeast corner).

Location: Big Bend Tunnel West

  • You will find this one On the metal desk in the window alcove across from an orange tool case, in the middle of the upper stilted maintenance

    cabins above the train tracks, in the main maintenance “middle” of the tunnel; access via the locked double doors.

Location: AMS Testing Site

  • Behind the metal worker cabinet counter, by the trunk in the west alcove of the large curve-roofed maintenance warehouse and garage.

Location: Red Rocket Filling Station

  • This one is in the slit gap between the two green work cabinets with drawer (one has a tool box on it), on the raised concrete part of the metal maintenance garage.

Location: Striker Row

  • On the speaker with the “Danger” sign on it, right of the microphone, on the small wood stage, near the amplifier and below the sealed mine entrance.
  • On the low mesh table by the cooking station, next to the rusting military vehicle and log with axe in it, surrounded by tents.

Location: Garrahan Mining Headquarters

  • You will find this one in the “Testing Control and Assessment” area, with the terminals, laboratory equipment, and ceiling wiring, on the counter between the two Power Armor Stations.


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