Fallout 76 – The Forest – All Magazine Location Guide

There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it.

Here is the location of all the Magazines that you can find in the Fallout 76 with the primary location and detail of its location.

Region 1: The Forest

Zone A: Vault 76 And Flatwoods

Location: Vault 76

  • First Magazine, you can find it on the bedside computer terminal table, with Nuka Tapper Holotape Game.

Location: Twin Pine Cabins

  • This one is between two metal barrels, located at the entrance corner of the lower cabin with the green trunk inside it.

Location: Landview Lighthouse

  • This one on the dining table with the chair stacked on it, located inside the white Lighthouse Keeper’s house (interior).

This one on the picnic table, in the covered picnic area located just south of the lighthouse.

Location: Alpine River Cabins

  • This one is on the bottom bunk bed to the right of the bear rug, located inside the south cabin
  • This one is on the small circular metal table in the treehouse located to the south of the cabins.

Location: Wixon Homestead

  • This one is on the small ornate upstairs table, located in the middle of the east wall in the bedroom, inside the farmhouse.

Location: Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center

  • This one is on the cardboard boxes sitting on the sofa, by the sleeping bag in the office with Macfadden’s Terminal in it; which is located upstairs and southwest of the stairwell, in the Research Center.
  • This one is on shelf in the northwest corner of the small storage room, located between the ruined conference room and the filing room, in the Research Center.
  • This one is on the desk with the destroyed terminal and telephone, northeast corner of the filing office, left of the propped “atom” picture, upstairs inside the center.
  • This one is on the large sink and wire shelving, located in southwest washroom area of the basement laboratory of the Research Center.

Zone B: Northwest Forest And Point Pleasant

Location: WV Lumber Co.

  • This one is on the large, rough wood dining table adjacent to the stairwell, located in large interior chamber of the lumber mill with the table saw.
  • This one is on the metal desk with the skeletal parts on it, at the back of the mechanic’s metal garage with the Chemistry Station in it.

Location: Darling Sister’s Lab

  • This one is behind the picture frame leaning against the wall, located to the right of the bed near a standing lamp in the northwest corner, inside the cabin on the west side, by the cliff.

Location: Groves Family Cabin

  • This one is on or below the bottom bunk of the bunk bed outside the northwest cabin with the lockers inside it. The bed is on the side of the cabin near the small allotment of crops (exterior).

Location: Aaronholt Homestead

  • This one is on the top shelf of the tall bookcase, located south corner of the master bedroom, upstairs in the faded blue farmhouse with the red star on the porch wall.
  • This one is in the enamel bucket by the red wheelbarrow, right of the Weapons Workbench inside the metal silo barn.

Location: Tyler County Fairgrounds

  • This one is on top of one of the 2 wood barrels, in the empty metal hay barn with the metal audience chairs outside located east side of grounds.
  • This one is in the second left green outhouse toilet, located to the southwest area of the grounds close to the Apples and Hotdogs stall.
  • This one is on the bottom of the metal shelving with the Toy Rocketships on it, located in the prize booth stall with the green and white tent top.

Location: Deathclaw Island

  • This one is near a Caps Stash, located on the muddy Deathclaw burrow hole, located in the middle of the island.

Location: Transmission Station 1AT-U03

  • This one is below the metal shelving just right of the red trunk located just east corner of the locked concrete transmission hut.

Location: Marigold Pavilion

  • You can find it in attic area with the sagging floor between the dirty bed and the toy truck, located inside the pavilion.

Location: Hunter’s Ridge

  • This one is under the sofa, on the floor of the northeast treehouse shack located near the living tree trunk.

Zone C: Morgantown And Eastern Forest

Location: Morgantown Trainyard

  • This one is on wood crates stored on the metal upstairs gantry of the storage warehouse, located northeast balcony with the bed, above the main warehouse entrance.
  • This one is on wooden box in the eastern corner, left of the black mainframe, located inside supervisor’s tower above open warehouse door.

Location: Morgantown Airport

  • This one is inside terminal building, on the low side table, located to the north wall between the airport seating.
  • This one is on the counter near the hot plate and coffee pot, located at the top of the airport control tower.

Location: Morgantown High School

  • This one is in the last locker on the left, under the wall clock near the chained door, at the far end of the girls’ restroom.
  • This one is between the two broken terminals on the table in the southeast corner of the library with the checkered floor.
  • This one is on the metal desk with the locked terminal, in the middle of the upstairs interior by the short set of steps. The office has a red door with Happy Halloween bunting above it.

Location: Portside Pub

This one is behind the wood board, against the northeast wall, right of the hat stand and exit doorway, on the upper balcony eating area (interior).

Location: Mama Dolce’s Food Processing

  • This one is in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the shelf of the metal shelving trolley, on the raised area near the dead potted plant, in the laboratory.
  • This one is in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on top of the metal shelf trolley between two stretchers, along the south wall of the infirmary and laboratory room.
  • This one is in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the southwest lower bunk with the skeleton on it, right of the Chinese flagpole, inside the dormitory.
  • This one is in the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the square lab table along the window shutter wall of the kitchen, north side of the base.

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