Fallout 76 – The Forest – All Magazine Location Guide

Location: Vault-Tec University

  • This one is On the circular wood table with the white leather chairs, by a reclining skeleton, in the blue wallpaper lounge; Room 204.
  • This one is On the teacher’s desk with the Globe on it, in the Classroom inside the Simulation Vault.
  • This one is On the square table by the counter, in the cafeteria of the Simulation Vault.

Location: Grafton Dam

  • This one is Just outside the piece of large pipe made into a hidey-hole camp, on the roof of the concrete rooms, below the gantry maintenance huts.

Location: Gauley Mine

  • This one is On the work surface with drawers, left of the locked safe (1), on the roof of the entrance area, inside the mine.
  • This one is On the open locker in the upper western corner just left of the gantry steps, inside the large gantry platform and generator room inside the mine.

Location: Arktos Pharma

  • This one is On a wooden crate, with other crates on the top of the large rusting container shelf, under the fallen concrete ceiling, in the large loading bay.
  • This one is On the curved desk, to the right of the Arktos Pharma Terminal, on the right side of the top balcony, near the trunk, in the Cargobot Control chamber.

Location: Greg’s Mine Supply

  • This one is On the coffee table in the living room of the house with the rusting van parked outside it, northwest of (and across the road from) the Mine Supply store.

Location: Bolton Greens

  • This one is Near the telephone on or under the main reception counter, in the entrance foyer by the pram and bicycle, and pair of double doors (interior).
  • This one is On the shelf of the last counter, by the light blue waste bin, under the window of the golf course reception passage accessed via the kitchens.
  • This one is On the lower bunk bed closest to the sofa, cabinet, and fireplace along the west wall, opposite the trunk, in the upstairs bedroom.

Location: Sutton

  • This one is Wedged halfway under the baseboard between the sink and toilet, in the restroom with the fallen door, in the junk-filled Tinkerer’s basement, inside The Overseer’s Childhood Home, north side of town.
  • This one is Vertical, between the three cardboard boxes and plunger, on the ornate console, under the faded blue-and-white-striped tent tarp, on the roof due north of the church, on top of the Pharmacy building, with tree-trunk access from the railroad tracks to the east.

Location: Horizon’s Rest

  • This one is On or around the metal shelf near the single airplane seat, on the north side of the electrical pylon platforms, at the bottom of the steps, near a covered fuselage walkway onto the rock outcrop.
  • This one is On the side cabinet with the open chem box, behind the three dark red plane seats, at the table on the kitchen platform attached to the electrical pylon.
  • This one is On the TV cabinet, inside the fuselage (southwest side) of the cockpit section of the airplane.

Location: Relay Tower HN-B1-12

  • This one is On top of the mainframe computer terminal attached to the central pillar, facing southwest, northeast side of the interior concrete hut, with the metal shelving to the left of the mainframe.

Location: Tygart Water Treatment

    • This one is On or around the square metal table with the radio under it, eastern corner of the Raider construction, in the upper part of the treatment defenses area.

Location: Camp McClintock

  • This one is On the metal work counter, to the right of the Overseer’s Cache, below the “Support Our Troops!” poster, on the north wall, ground level inside the main military building.

Zone D: Southwest Forest

Location: Ohio River Adventures

  • This one is On or below the wooden counter with the blue scales and cash register on it, by the white door and “Radioactive Roundup” poster, around the corner from the Weapons Workbench.

Location: Kanawha County Cemetery

  • This one is Inside the church, left side pew third from the front.

Location: Silva Homestead

  • This one is On or around the sideboard with the green lamp on it, northwest wall of the dining room, ground floor of the gray farmhouse.
  • This one is On the bottom metal shelf, between the two Weapons Workbenches, inside the large curve-roofed storage barn.

Location: Lewis & Sons Farming Supply

  • This one is On or around the metal counter on the balcony, on the upper part of the tractor barn.
  • This one is On the green metalwork counter with the drawers, inside the remains of the half-demolished small red barn.
  • This one is On the L-shaped counter attached to the small saloon doors, part of the cash register counter, inside the greenhouse.

Location: Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant

  • This one is On a small wood crate next to a tool chest, on a gantry that can only be reached by climbing on the yellow crate-lifting machine in the middle of the sunken loading dock; west wall near the large doorway.
  • This one is Vertical, half-hidden behind the white mainframe computer bank inside the security corridor, near the ladder to the roof.
  • This one is On the green work counter with the drawers and two fusion cores on it, inside the security mesh walled area with the mattress, through the security gate in the generator room with the Weapons Workbench.

Location: Camp Adams

  • This one is in the small Wood Pile, against the exterior back wall of the cabin with the bear statue outside it, northeast part of the camp.

Location: The Giant Teapot

  • This one is Inside the small blue container tray, at the foot of the shelving; enter using the door to the right of the Nuka-Cola machine, and turn left, to check for the magazine.
  • This one is in, around, or behind the open blue fridge on the south curved wall, inside the Giant Teapot.


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