Fallout 76 – Savage Divide – All Magazine Location Guide

Location: Middle Mountain Cabins

  • In the outhouse, southeast area, between the left and middle cabins.
  • On the small metal work counter below the wall tool board, inside the tiny tool shed uphill and east of the three main cabins.

Location: Emmett Mountain Disposal Site

  • On the radioactive yellow barrel, inside the barrel storage garage with the parked orange forklift and more barrels outside, to the right of the curve-roofed disposal site entrance structure.
  • On the metal desk next to the Disposal Terminal, in the storage room with the hole in the eastern corner wall, just southeast of the double doors from the large generator room.

Location: Ripper Alley

  • On the floor of the short lookout, near the cinder block, accessed via the short ladder, close to the road, with a rusty car on the other side of the defenses.

Location: National Isolated Radio Array

  • On the metal desk with the Bottlecap Sunglasses and Teal Rounded Vase, in the northwest upper office with the red trailer protruding through the outer wall, in the Office Building.
  • On the ornate bureau, in the southwest corner of the upstairs office, with the dead potted tree outside the door, on the west side of the Office Building
  • On the metal desk by the destroyed terminal, eastern corner, inside the dish array control hut at the foot of the dish.

Location: Sugar Grove

  • On the half-buried curio cabinet, left of the Project Director’s Terminal, in the upper office with a window overlooking the mission control room, with the Archive Dispenser Vending Machine in the southwest corner.
  • On the yellow machinery, inside the security mesh walled area of the Advanced Research Laboratory, near the collection of blank holotapes, in the upper floor with the window.
  • On the small round table with the Lunch Pail on it, near the Nuka-Cola machine, on the north stepped side of the Mission Control room.
  • Vertical, jammed between two cardboard boxes, in the center of the shelves of boxes at the foot of the huge map screen, in the Mission Control room.
  • Below the red wrist rest shelf, at the central mainframe computer in the middle of The Archives.
  • Poking out of the small side table shelf, in the green wallpapered cognitive programming room, in the Secret Facility basement.

Location: National Radio Astronomy Research Center

  • On top of the L-shaped mainframe computer near the large hole in the wall and floor, inside the top floor Communications Office (interior).
  • On the green work cabinet wall shelf or counter, near the yellow alarm clock, in the small room with the Armor Workbench and giant wall fan, adjacent to the ruined generator basement room.

Location: West Tek Research Center

  • On the large laboratory table with the dark work surface and two microscopes with display cases attached to them, off the larger lab room with the hole in the wall, eastern side of the balcony level.

Location: US-13C Bivouac

  • Below the bed with the skeleton on it, right side of the tent. The tent is to the right of the telephone pole and small comms dish.
  • Next to the sleeping bag, front left corner of the tent, adjacent to the three blue barrels just outside the tent entrance.

Location: Mountainside Bed & Breakfast

  • On the metal desk next to the broken terminal and empty filing cabinet, in the southwest corner of the landing area, in the green wallpaper area of the lower extension, west of the kitchen, inside the house.
  • On or below the low coffee table by the staircase, across from the reception desk and the Comment Terminal, in the locked foyer area of the house.
  • On or below the desk fan, on or near the reception desk by the Comment Terminal, in the locked foyer area of the house.
  • On the coffee table, in the upstairs landing living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture, inside the house.

Location: The Vantage

  • Balanced on the steel girder, just below and outside the wood fence at the top of the lookout tower, in the corner where the ammo box and duffle bag are.

Location: Solomon’s Pond

  • On the ground behind the three large wood crates, near the sleeping bag, between the two doorways on the southeast side of the red barn with the canoe resting on it.

Location: Twin Lakes

  • On the red-and-white checkered picnic rug, by the skeleton and swimsuit, on the rock bank, close to the north side of the lake.

Location: Huntersville

  • Under the bed hanging off the edge of the destroyed upper floor, in the roofless home in the middle of town, with the green propane tank visible next to the blown-out kitchen.
  • On the curved counter to the left of the blue cash register, inside the Hardware store.

Location: Site Charlie

  • In the Reactor Area, on a desk with a broken terminal and a clown on it, on the far west wall of the main room.
  • In the Operations Center, on a desk with a broken terminal, in the lowered area in the center of the main room.
  • In the Operations Center, on a desk in a small room with three fabricator pods, just off the main room.

Location: R&G Processing Services

  • In the yellow container trolley, against the west wall, inside the upper concrete structure with the giant vat inside it, just right of the open security mesh wall with the green work cabinets.
  • Tucked halfway under the cardboard box, just left of the Overseer’s Cache, lowest metal shelf inside the main storage and machine warehouse, close to the elevator down into Site Charlie.

Location: Spruce Knob Lake

  • In the open plastic green outhouse (one of two), on the back side of the small dockside hut, northeast shore of the lake.

Location: Spruce Knob

  • Located on the desk inside the security hut, on the lower southeast fenced entrance, below the cliff Spruce Knob is positioned on.

Location: Lucky Hole Mine

  • On the lectern at the main cultist altar with the pews, in the dead-end tunnel at the end of the mine.

Location: Lake Eloise

  • In the far northeast part of the wilderness area, inside the Gaming Enthusiasts’ Camp, on the TV behind the wood blocks spelling Cheater, on the rocks.

Location: Relay Tower EL-B1-02

  • On top of the light blue mainframe computer unit, southwest corner of the concrete tower hut.

Location: Johnson’s Acre

  • This one is on the hearth of the large stone fireplace, west end of the cabin.
  • Find this one on the picnic table by the tire and barrel, outside and south of the cabin


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