Fallout 76 – All Treasure Maps

You will find a piece of paper, with a simple sketch on it and a marked location on it with “X”. it is easy you will find these maps, but it is difficult that you can find the exact location on the map. Once you find the location use the activate button on the ground where the treasure is hidden to dig it up.

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You need to pay very close attention to find these locations, just look close at the mountains, look at power lines, water towers or anything, with which you can find the location. If a map shows a particular landmark on the left of “X”, then make sure you take the same angle.

(N), (S), (E), (W). When you see a letter with a circle around it, look at compass direction, if the image has an “E” circled on the left side of the image, while the “X” is on the right, you can bet that your treasure is somewhere on the west side of the region.

The Forest Treasure Maps

There are total 10 Treasure Maps that you can find in The Forest.

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