Fallout 76 – Cranberry Bog – All Magazine Location Guide

There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it.

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Here is the location of all the Magazines that you can find in the Fallout 76 with the primary location and detail of its location.

Zone A: North Bog, Robco Research Center, And Abandoned Bog Town

Location: Kerwood Mine

  • This one is on the earth by the toppled metal shelving, near a Nuka-Cola bottle and a large central metal and rock shaft column, close to a tool box in the junction cavern with the “Eye Protection” poster.
  • This one is on the left side of the slag heap, near an explosive canister, in the waterlogged chamber linking the underwater area to the destroyed mine tracks.
  • This one is on a metal table with a lantern, by the explosive canisters, left of the red trunk, in the Junction Cavern.
  • This one is on the blue mainframe computer bank along the wall of the monitoring room with the locked double doors, accessed when leaving the mine, close to the fusion core generator.

Location: Firebase LT

  • This one is on the mattress of the rear bed, inside the large tent (northeast), to the right of the gun emplacement.

Location: Mac’s Farm

  • This one is on the plank-and-two-barrels table, in what’s left of the living room, in the half-destroyed farmhouse.

Location: The General’s Steakhouse

  • This one is behind a filing cabinet, locaed by the ground safe in the filing cabinet office.
  • This one is on the washing machine and sink, left of the chained double doors, in the laundry room off the main basement kitchens.

Location: RobCo Research Center

  • This one is on the fancy table with the dead plant, located right side of the locked double door office room with the two skeletons on chairs, northeast area of the center
  • This one is on the screen of the microfilm unit, located on the floor next to the locked safe, north corner of the filing office, only accessible by dropping down from the office directly above it.
  • This one is on the metal desk, in the west corner to the left of the trunk, located in the upper laboratory area.

Location: The Thorn

  • This one is on the gray defense barrier with the Brotherhood of Steel insignia, a missile launcher to the side of it.

Location: Forward Station Alpha

  • This one is on the mattress of the rear bed, located inside the gray tent, south of the cooking station.

Location: Ranger District Office

  • This one is on the low coffee table in front of the stone fireplace, located eastern end of the lodge office.

Location: Bootlegger’s Shack

  • This one is on the metal desk with the typewriter on it, located left of the filing cabinet, along the west interior wall of the shack.
  • This one is on the small table next to the deck chair, located on the north side of the shack room, with views of the Creekside Sundew Grove.

Location: Drop Site G3

  • This one is on the right side shelf of the metal counter below the first aid box, open security gate inside the flooded concrete hut.

Location: Quarry X3

  • This one is on the middle metal shelf, left of the orange tool box, located left of the Nuka-Cola machine, southwest corner of the curve-roofed warehouse.

Location: Pylon V-13

  • This one is on the mattress, in the connecting part of the suspended monorail carriage, half a carriage north of the top of the exterior pylon steps.
  • This one is on the plank with the sleeping bag, inside the suspended monorail carriage, just left of the TV and small satellite dish, across from the skeleton draped on the seat.

Location: Old Mold Quarry

  • This one is on the bed of the rusting pickup truck, located northwest of the main concrete and metal maintenance pump building, on the road ramp.

Location: Drop Site C2

  • This one is on the metal counter, pass he security gate, inside the flooded concrete hut.

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