Fallout 76 – The Mire – All Magazine Location Guide

There is a huge list f Magazine that you need to find in Fallout 76, divided into 12 different publications. Once you have spotted a location and you can’t find Magazine there, it means it’s isn’t appearing yet or taken by another player so check after some time to collect it.

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Here is the location of all the Magazines that you can find in the Fallout 76 with the primary location and detail of its location.

Zone A: North Mire, Thunder Mountain, And Berkeley Springs

Location: Southhampton Estate

  • This one in the kitchen, located on the ground level of the tendril-filled faded blue farmhouse.
  • This one is located on ruined metal shelf, into the red barn.

Location: Mosstown

  • You can find t below the magazine carousel, close to the red trunk and locked safe, located on the east side of the shanty town.
  • This one on coffee table between the gray and dark red couches, inside the Drugs shack, by the green plastic outhouses, located on the northwest side of town.
  • This one is on the corner of wood shelf with mirror and scissors on it, located inside Barber & Dentist shack, north side of town.

Location: Dolly Sods Wilderness

  • This one is on the toilet, located in northwest restroom, ground floor inside the west lodge building.
  • This one is on the magazine carousel, by the deep red sofa, along the south wall of the large living room with the piano.

Location: Crevasse Dam

  • This one is located in wastebasket, in the corner of the concrete balcony located on the north side of the upper area inside the main building.

Location: Crevasse Dam

  • On the second metal shelf above the Acetone Canister, by the blue machinery on the ground floor of the pump chamber .

Location: Thunder Mountain Power Plant

  • Below the large conference table with the Office Desk Fan on it, located upstairs and northeast of the entrance lobby, with stairs outside the room.
  • This one is below the small computer bank, left side of the filing cabinets along the southwest wall of a connecting corridor to the Main Plant, right of the window, with the double door marked “Turbine Hall” at the northeast end.
  • You can find this one on the shelf of the green metal wall cabinet, south corner adjacent to the metal door and wall clock, in the small connecting room between the gantry stairwell and door marked “Pipe Interchange, Cooling Tower #1”, and the smaller Fuel Storage chamber with gantries and the flooded floor.
  • On the white table with the orange tool box, along the northwest wall in the corridor connecting the Turbine Hall to Cooling Tower #2.
  • On the second-to-bottom shelf of the green metal work shelf, pointed at the southwest wall (by the perimeter wall), along the gantry with two sets of large wall extractor fans on either side, in the Reactor Room.
  • In the wastebasket, right of the small black computer bank, south upper corner of the tiered-floor Master Control chamber.

Location: Dyer Chemical

  • In the middle locker along the wall of lockers, in the metal maintenance hut corridor (with the small mainframe computer at one end), on the western side of the facility, above the large sewer pipes with the hatch.
  • On the small wood crate with the ammo crate, by the blue machinery and vertical pipe cluster, upper floor, southwest corner of the sewer maintenance building, east side of the facility (interior).
  • Inside one of the two yellow trolley carts by the explosive canister, on the concrete bridge spanning both sides of the facility, above the road (exterior).

Location: Berkeley Springs

  • On the side table between the two comfy dark red chairs, in the upstairs spa area across from the elevator in the Beauty and Spa Salon.
  • On the metal office desk, in the southwest corner of the upper level office, in the brick mansionon the middle of town. The mansion has two large yellow fans on the side of the structure, near a traffic light post.

Location: Treehouse Village

  • On the car seat by the orange tool box, near the two shopping carts, on the connecting junction platform with the red barrel on it.
  • You can find it on the wood sheet floor with the fallen mannequin and metal tub lid, on the outside balcony with the red barrel and gray couch, outside the dining platform shack (near the small generator) with the table and yellow barbecue, and the doorless fridge.
  • This one is near the corner of the dark red couch, on the outside balcony with the wood barrel and small generator, attached to the eastern edge of the living room platform, close to a small distillery.

Location: Haven Church

  • On the front-left (northeast) school desk, in the school room.

Zone B: South Mire, Harpers Ferry, And Tanagra Town

Location: Hawke’s Refuge

  • On a small refuse pile in the small dead-end alcove due southwest of the red couch with the blue rug on it, back towards the entrance but on the lower ground level.
  • At the base of the rock wall, due north of the red couch with the blue rug on it, across a small pond of dirty water, in the main cavern.

Location: Sunday Brothers’ Cabin

    • Under the bunk bed, in the northwest corner of the small, red-wallpapered bedroom at the south end of the upstairs balcony, inside the main lodge cabin.

Location: Tanagra Town

  • On the metal desk, by the steel support, one of the only bits of this schoolhouse still standing, in the completely open-air and mostly demolished schoolhouse, at the top of the tendril tower.
  • On one of the school desks that have slid across to the north (lower) side of the schoolhouse floor, in the completely open-air and mostly demolished schoolhouse, at the top of the tendril tower.
  • On the shelf of the headboard of the master bedroom bed, in the collapsed dark gray house with the moonshine still in the bathtub and the Giddyup Buttercup on the main floor, at the summit of the massive town tangle.

Location: Valley Galleria

  • Find it under the booth diner table below the plastic pumpkin on the attached low wall, close to a support pillar and green trash can; east side of the food court, ground level.

Location: Treetops

  • On the tiny side dresser by the birdhouse, above the two mattresses, at almost the very top of the treehouse platform ascent.

Location: Camp Venture

  • Below the shelf trolley jutting out from the southwest wall, located on the left of the Weapons Workbench inside the locked security gate armory area of the Storage Cabin.

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