Far Cry 5 – Fangs For Hire Guide

In Far Cry 5, besides of people you can also have animals that can be fight from your side, these animals can be very deadly in combat and you can also use them to attack on specific enemy.

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Below you will find the list of all these animals that you can have on your side in combat.


  • Class: Scout
  • Location: Holland Valley – Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm



  • Will tag all enemies nearby.


  • Will sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack.

You can find the Boomer at Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley. If you go there you will start the mission, Man’s Best Friend. Free the dog and he will be on your side.


  • Class: Heavy
  • Location: Whitetail Mountains – Linero Building Supplies


Bear Arms

  • Will exercise his right to attack.

Cross to Bear

  • Will draw focus during combat.

Once you clear the F.A.N.G Center outpost in Whitetail Mountains, go and speak to Wade to start the Cheeseburger’s mission. Complete the mission and this giant will join you.


  • Class: Stealth
  • Location: Henbane River – Peaches Taxidermy



  • Will silently take down an enemy.


  • Will stay hidden when moving through tall grass.

go to the Peaches Taxidermy in the Henbane River region and speak with Miss Mable to start the Peaches’ mission. She asks you to track down Peaches, who has run off to hunt down the cultists. Complete the mission and you will have this beauty on your side.


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