LEGO Marvel’s Avengers – Find All Character’s Tokens in Manhattan

In LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, you can unlock many characters by collecting their tokens in the main storyline or in free-play mode. In Manhattan you will also find these tokens to unlock more characters. Each area of Manhattan has 4 – 6 character token that you can get by completing different missions and by completing different task.

If you are looking for that Red Bricks you can see you guide related to it; Red Brick Locations Guide. Also find these Gold Bricks in other Hub areas with our guide; Hub’s Gold Bricks Locations Guide.

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Character’s Tokens in Manhattan:

Below we have the list of all these characters that you can unlock in Manhattan with the detail of mission or task that you need to complete.

Financial District:


  • Mission: Trial by Fury
  • How to Unlock: Take out 3 groups of villains with She-Hulk to unlock.

Cloud 9

  • Mission: Walking on Air
  • How to Unlock: Mind Control civilians and take them over shrinking cloud platforms.

Red She-Hulk

  • Mission: Carting Carter 2: Cart Harder (8th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Drive Agent Carter to Angie’s audition.


  • Mission: Ragey Taxi
  • How to Unlock: Drive Lou Ferrigno to the other side of town. This is the first Lou Ferrigno mission.

Times Square:

Doctor Strange

  • Mission: Stranger Things Have Happened
  • How to Unlock: Locate the “mentally defragmented” patients so that Doctor Strange can heal them.


  • Mission: Dance Master
  • How to Unlock: Match the Taskmaster’s pattern on squares.

Iron Man (MK38 – Igor)

  • Mission: A Refined Taste (7th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Defeat 20 Roxxon guards to clear the way for Agent Carter.


  • Mission: Getting Shirty
  • How to Unlock: Pick up Lou Ferrigno’s shirts for him. This is the third Lou Ferrigno mission.

China Town:

Ronan the Accuser

  • Mission: N/A
  • How to Unlock: Fight and defeat Ronan the Accuser on a rooftop

Beth the Waitress

  • Mission: Latte Arrival
  • How to Unlock: Help Beth the Waitress get her customers back

Iron Fist

  • Mission: How Now, Shou-Lao?
  • How to Unlock: Guide Iron Fist around to find the real Shou-Lao.

Fin Fang Foom

  • Mission:F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F
  • How to Unlock: Collect the ingredients for Fin Fang Foom.

Squirrel Girl (Classic)

  • Mission: Automatter Of Fact (1st Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Help Agent Carter to get into the café. Scan the front to get the parts needed to build a jukebox. Hit the jukebox to move the other patrons. Repair the door to get inside.

Residential District:

Jewel (Jessica Jones)

  • Mission: Au Pair Not There
  • How to Unlock: Help the applicants for Jewel’s nanny job get to their interviews.


  • Mission: Peggy in a Pickle (2nd Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Help Agent Carter get back to the Griffith Hotel by fighting through the SSR.


  • Mission: Carting Carter(5th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Drive Agent Carter to her destination. Get any vehicle with two seats and follow the holographic studs.


  • Mission: The Betty’s Off (9th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Pull all 3 switches outside of gated off area.

Central Park:


  • Mission: Mo’ Tiddles Mo’ Problems
  • How to Unlock: Find nine clones of (technically eight clones, plus the original) Mr. Tiddles for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientist.

Lou Ferrigno

  • Mission: Two Hulks Are Better Than One
  • How to Unlock: Take a Hulk Selfie with Lou Ferrigno. This is the fourth Lou Ferrigno mission.


  • Mission: Crocodile Conundrum
  • How to Unlock: Help Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) fight off 15 modified crocodiles.

Iron Man (MK33 – Silver Centurion)

  • Mission: Lola Larks
  • How to Unlock: Escort Agent Coulson to a suitable location to take the final photo for his Lola calendar with a Hulk Selfie.

Ant-Man (Classic)

  • Mission: The Jury is Out
  • How to Unlock: Find the jury that the Hulk scared away. This is the second Lou Ferrigno mission.

Industrial District:

Destroyer (Minifigure)

  • Mission: N/A
  • How to Unlock: Fight and defeat Destroyer (Minifigure).


  • Mission: Dockside Barney
  • How to Unlock: Partner with Daredevil to beat up 20 henchmen at the docks.

Jack of Hearts

  • Mission: Sitwell Surprise
  • How to Unlock: Defeat four villains for Agent Sitwell. This is the first Agent Sitwell mission.

Blue Marvel

  • Mission: Udderly Shocking (4th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Follow Agent Carter to the Dairy Factory. Attack the dairy truck and build a switch and pull it, then stealth up to next switch and build switch to reveal Agent Carter’s objective.


  • Mission: Pipe Dreams (6th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: Repair sewer access hatch and break down nearby objects to get bricks you need to fish up lost keys.


Luke Cage

  • Mission: Rage Cage
  • How to Unlock: Guide Luke Cage to four junior S.H.I.E.L.D. field agents and protect them from hostile forces.

Moon Knight

  • Mission: Under Cover of Knight
  • How to Unlock: Follow Moon Knight to a meeting with his surprise informant.

Iron Man (MK40)

  • Mission: Duelin’ for Fuel
  • How to Unlock: Agent Coulson invites you to go on a road trip to the desert but you only make it as far as a fight against 20 thugs at a gas station.

Agent Carter (Retired)

  • Mission: Midnight Malarky (10th Peggy Carter Mission)
  • How to Unlock: 3 gas emitting devices are disguised to look like exterior vents. You must destroy three sets of canisters that feed the gas emitters. One is behind a gold LEGO door. A second requires repairing a switch. The third is hidden until scanned.


Grim Reaper

  • Mission: N/A
  • How to Unlock: Fight and defeat The Grim Reaper in the park opposite the car park.

Superior Iron Man

  • Mission: N/A
  • How to Unlock: Remove the black LEGO cover from the parking lot of the Avengers Facility.


  • Mission: Stud Shenanigans
  • How to Unlock: Follow the arrows made of gold studs when they appear.


  • Mission: Thor Loser
  • How to Unlock: Go into the cave under the billboard and defeat 20 Dark Elves who are in pursuit of Wiccan.


  • Mission: Stalk with Me (3rd Peggy Carter mission)
  • How to Unlock: Stay behind Agent Carter while she tails a suspect.

Death Locket

  • Mission: Hydra Hijinks
  • How to Unlock: Defeat three groups of HYDRA soldiers and return their Chitauri weapons to Agent Sitwell. This is the second Agent Sitwell mission.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier:


  • Mission: N/A
  • How to Unlock: Pick up Mockingbird’s Character Token.

Iron Man (MK25)

  • Mission: Cho No They Di’n’t!
  • How to Unlock: Help S.H.I.E.L.D scientist with maintenance on cradle technology nearby.

Doctor Helen Cho

  • Mission: Weapon Of Choice
  • How to Unlock: Find hidden weapons in chests around Helicarrier.

The Protector

  • Mission: Blueberry Blues
  • How to Unlock: Help Agent Williams find 10 blueberries around Helicarrier.







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