LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – All Red Bricks Location Guide

Red bricks are additional collectibles that you can collect in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, each chapter of the story mode has one red brick. Some of them are easy to find and some are really hardtop get, also you need some other characters with specific ability to get those bricks. Once you find a Red Brick, you must then purchase and activate it to use it.

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Red Bricks Location:

There are total 24 red bricks that you can find in the game, we have listed all of them with the description and where and in which chapter you can find them.

Birthday Brick

Replace all explosions with confetti, fireworks, and party noises.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Collectible Detector

Indicates where to find Minikits, Red Bricks, and Gold Bricks

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 200000

Combat Bar Regen

Combat bar constantly recharges when emptied, providing infinite specials

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 250000

Dark Side

All Jedi Characters can use Sith powers.

  • Level: Epilogue: Luke’s Island
  • Location: At the start of the level smash all the rocks and breakable objects to find a water pool. Now swim through it to find a small island and get the red brick.
  • Cost: 50000

Destroy on Contact

Destroys all LEGO smashables on contact

  • Level: Chapter 6: Attack on Takodana—Castle Escape
  • Location: Behind the stormtrooper position you can see red and black bricks use a dark side character to break them to get the red brick from there.
  • Cost: 50000

Droid Sounds

Non-Droid characters make Droid sounds

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Explosive Bolts

Blasters defeat enemies with one hit and knock them back a great distance.

  • Level: Chapter 9: The Finale—Starkiller Showdown
  • Location: There is a small access hatch along the wall behind a rock you can move this rock with force ability then switch to BB-8 and move through the hatch to get to a chamber where the Red Brick is located.
  • Cost: 50000

Fast Build

Build LEGO objects much faster than usual.

  • Level: Prologue: Ottegan Assault—Ottegan Pursuit
  • Location: There are several Ottegan siege engines along the path. They shoot at you and look like towers with blue on top. Destroy three of these to earn the Red Brick.
  • Cost: 50000

Helium Voices

All characters have helium voices.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Imperial Inaccuracy

Enemy blaster accuracy reduced to 0% chance of hit and will always miss the player.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Infinite Torpedoes

Ships are always stocked with the maximum number of torpedoes during flight arena levels.

  • Level: Prologue: Poe to the Rescue—Trash Compactor
  • Location: Before using C-3PO to activate the protocol droid terminal, select a character and use Force to pull a Red Brick down from the catwalk on the right side.
  • Cost: 100000

Mega Melee

Melee attacks one-hit KO regular enemies.

  • Level: Chapter 7: Starkiller Sabotage — Starkiller Crash Site
  • Location: After you defeat the wampa, this Red Brick appears in the cave. Be sure to pick it up before you leave the cave.
  • Cost: 100000

Perfect Deflect

Block oncoming laser fire with 100% accuracy. Bolts are hit back at who fired them.

  • Level: Chapter 2: Escape from the Finalizer — Finalizer Hangar 2
  • Location: In free play mode after moving to the second wave of the cover section, switch to FN-2187 so you are near some blue sparkles. Then switch to a Force user and use the Force to lift a panel to get the Red Brick.
  • Cost: 100000

Quick Access

Instantly complete Astromech, Protocol, First Order, and Resistance panels.

  • Level: Prologue: The Battle of Endor — Death Star Interior
  • Location: Before killing the emperor while he is protecting himself with the force break some objectives and build a rotary control switch select BB-8 and use the rotary control switch to launch the droid onto some catwalks there you will find the red brick on the right side.
  • Cost: 50000

Regenerate Hearts

Health regenerates over time.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Silly Sabers

Lightsaber beams appear as silly LEGO pieces.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Silly Torpedoes

Torpedoes are replaced with silly items.

  • Location: Available at Start
  • Cost: 50000

Stud Magnet

Attracts nearby studs to the player

  • Level: Chapter 4: The Eravana — Freighter Battle
  • Location: At the end of the level there is a large silver door to right you can destroy it. You will find the red brick in the room be careful the room is very cold.
  • Cost: 50000

Stud Multiplier x2

Multiply the value of collected studs by 2

  • Level: Chapter 1: Assault on Jakku — Jakku Graveyard
  • Location: In free play mode when you open the shield generator dome climb onto it and break open the gold container to get the red brick.
  • Cost: 200000

Stud Multiplier x4

Multiply the value of collected studs by 4

  • Level: Chapter 3: Niima Outpost — Niima Outpost
  • Location: Once in the corral with the stormtroopers, use the luggabeast to break a crate with a crack on it. Then use a character who can destroy gold LEGOs to break the gold crate to get to the Red Brick inside.
  • Cost: 400000

Stud Multiplier x6

Multiply the value of collected studs by 6

  • Level: Chapter 5: Maz’s Castle — Castle Basement
  • Location: In a large chamber, select a character with the dark side force to open a gate off an alcove and select a character who can destroy the gold container to get the red brick inside it.
  • Cost: 600000

Stud Multiplier x8

Multiply the value of collected studs by 8

  • Level: Chapter 8: Destroy the Starkiller — Rey’s Escape
  • Location: This Red Brick is on a strut that extends out from the wall just to the First Order terminal’s left. Jump along the strut to get the Red Brick and add it to your collection.
  • Cost: 800000

Stud Multiplier x10

Multiply the value of collected studs by 10

  • Level: Epilogue: Luke’s Island
  • Location: A small building is just to the right of the narrow beam. Destroy the gold object inside with a character like Captain Phasma.
  • Cost: 1000000

Super Detonators

Thermal Detonators cause a larger explosion radius

  • Level: Prologue: Rathtar Hunting — Loading Area
  • Location: Before releasing the rathtar, shoot at a gold container on the opposite side of the loading area with fire gun. Destroy it to collect this Red Brick.
  • Cost: 50000


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