Pillars of Eternity: Act III – All Side Quests Guide

There is still more to find in the last Act of Pillars of Eternity – Act III, complete all 9 side quest to complete the game 100% if you already beat the game. Below you will find all of these quests with the complete guide and detail of options with which you can complete them.

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#1: Sacrificial Bloodlines

  • Quest Giver: Simoc
  • Location: Warrior’s Hall – Elms’ Reach

You will this quest from the Simoc, a grizzled old elf – who is in the Warrior’s Hall located in Elms’ Reach. Warrior’s Hall has wooden wall all around and you can easily find this place. Go inside the back room of Warrior’s Hall and talk to Simco.

You can ask him about Blood Sands, Three-Tusk Stelgaer and what he does. His current business involves discussions of the Hollowborn. As you sap the conversation options, Simoc eventually tells you that they are currently fostering the Anamfath of Fisher Crane’s youngest child, planning for this “bog child” to take his place.

Here he will ask you for help, he wants infant’s soul passed to one of his own offspring and says the druids of Blood Sands have a way to do this. Accept and you will receive Rusty Key.

Note: If Grieving Mother is in your party, she will dislike it and she will not stand by you if you do this.

New Objective: Fetch the Orlan Child from a House in Southeast Hearthsong

On the way out of this room Simoc’s son, Lliras stops you and listen what he say. He will talk about the child name Vela, who is your target. If you ask him for alternative solutions, he suggests you to poison his father. For that you need to get help from Bledha’s located in Golden Grove. She will brew the poison. It’s all up to you and you can always change your mind later.

Now if you go with your first task and sacrifice the child then you will have to kill Lliras too.

Note: This will end your travels with Grieving Mother, as she will not be a part of this plan.

Now go to the Hearthsong, use Rusty Key to unlock door on the easternmost house in Hearthsong. Loot what you need and take Vela from her crib. Here your quest will update.

New Objective: Deliver the baby to Blood Sands

As you leave the house, you will see Lliras outside and if you told him you’d poison his father. You must fight him to the death.

Now come back to Elms’ Reach and go to north side to find a cave which is Blood Sands. Enter and proceed to Keeper Garost ahead of you. Now go to left until you reach a small dead-end chamber with the elderly dwarf, Keeper Wrdha.

Speak and ask “I’ve brought a child on behalf of Anamfath Simoc.”

Note: Remember that if you do this then Grieving Mother will drop everything and leave.

After that Wrdha hands you potion for Simoc and now go back to Simoc here your quest will update.

New Objective: Give the essence potion to Simoc

On the other hand if you do not want to sacrificing child and go with Lliras’s advice and poisoning his father, Simoc. Head to the Golden Grove and speak with Bledhaehn and purchase any poison. After that your quest will update.

New Objective: Trick Simoc into drinking the poison

Now go back to Warrior’s Hall and try to drink poison instead of a potion, for that you must have +19 Resolve or +19 Intellect minimum. To raise these stats wear items like rings or neckwear, if you have or you can buy them from shop after that talk to Simoc and you can do following to complete the quest.

  • Give Simoc potion
  • Give Simoc poison
  • Or tell him “Lliras asked me to kill you.”

 #2: Hunter, Brother

  • Quest Giver: Rídaí
  • Location: Passage of the Six – Hearthsong


Passage of the Six is located in the middle of the map of Hearthsong, enter the building and go ahead, but Rídaí will stop you and will throw you out of building, but his Huntress companion stops him.

You can ask him about his brother. He says his brother Fíorm has not come back from a hunt. Agree to help him to start this quest.

New Objective: Travel to the Northweald Wilderness

To go to Northweald, must go to Oldsong and exit through northeast from here select Northweald from the World Map. As you enter the Northweald, move along southwestern path and reach the mountainous region, after enter to mountainous region your quest will update.

New Objective: Search the Northweald for clues to Fíorm’s fate

All the clues you are looking for runs through the middle of this land. The first clue is found just across the stream from the starting point. The broken spear shows signs of dents stained with green moss. Follow the path and find the second clue a “leather pack” beside the stream. After that move ahead, fight with Rain Blights and Greater Rain Blights and you will find a “boot” in mud. Move until you reach near waterfall. Here you can see a dead body, half submerged in stream, its Fíorm. Interact with it and you will hear the voices tell you what transpired. And your quest will update.

New Objective: Search the Sentinel Ridge for clues to the giant Stelgaer’s fate

Dead Stelgaer can be found over the waterfall, as you cannot scale the waterfall, so go from east or west and reach dead beast body, here you will fight with 4 Stelgaers and 3 Elder Stelgaers. After defeat them, check the corpse of the large Stelgaer beast Fíorm slayed.

Read the soul of the dead Stelgaer to learn its side of the hunting story and your quest will update.

New Objective: Speak with Rídaí in the Passage of the Six

Now go back to Hearthsong and speak Rídaí in Passage of the Six. Tell him all what you see and speak to Anamenfath, your quest will update.

New Objective: Share your findings with the Anamenfath

Anamenfath is at the end of this building,

Head deeper into the building until you come to Anamenfath Bethwl, tell him that you have been investigating Fíorm’s disappearance.

You have three choices:

  • You can incriminate Arthwn or Rídaí
  • You can blame both and gain a much better outcome.

The first conversation selection is:

  • “Fíorm is dead.”
  • “Fíorm exiled himself.”
  • “Fíorm killed the giant beast”

This answer leads to your only follow-up option:

“Fíorm tricked Arthwn and fought the giant Stelgaer himself. They killed each other in the fight. Arthwn tried to cover Fíorm’s shame, but lied about besting the creature.”

If you chose this route, then your next objective is to speak to the Anamenfath. She admits and gifts you Sheathed in Autumn (powerful one-handed greatsword with Superb, Guarding, and Freezing Lash).

  • “Arthwn killed the giant beast”

This answer leads to your only follow-up option:

“Fíorm tricked Arthwn and fought the giant Stelgaer himself. He died in the battle against the giant creature. Arthwn avenged Fíorm and then tried to cover his shameful actions.”

If you chose this, then your next objective is to speak with Arthwn. He thanks you and give you a a powerful two-handed hunting bow

If lied: “Fíorm exiled himself,”

In the beginning and then was honest with the next round, answering, “Fíorm killed the giant beast,” then you are directed to the automatic lie response: “The giant beast died by Fíorm’s hand just as the creature was stalking Arthwn for an easy kill. Fíorm exiled himself in shame for having risked Arthwn’s life needlessly.”

Your next objective is to speak to Rídaí (standing before you). He thanks you for this outcome by awarding you Delem Rawdha (a powerful, one-handed spear with Accurate, Superb, and Slaying enchantment).


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