Tales of Zestiria – Support Talents Details

Support Talents are the skill of other players, that are with you duing the exploring the wotld of Zestiria. Support Talents are very effective, it will increase some of your skills, or you can have food to recover you HP, also you can find the hidden items and Treasure Chests, which will locate on your mini-map while nearby.

Like “Money Finding”, which is Edna talent will increase the chance to find the money in dungeons and as well as in towns. Here we have the full list of all the talents with their specific user and detail description.

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Support Talents:

Here is the list of all the support talents that can be equipped with the other characters.

Snack Preparation

User: Sorey, Mikleo, Alisha, Rose, Lailah, Edna, Dezel/Zaveid


Make snacks to recover HP, initial SC and grant a special bonus for the next battle. Each character has its own specialty and cooking skill. With higher level you can make number of item types and increase speeds, and decrease failure chance.

Treasure Detection

User: Sorey, Mikleo


Detect nearby treasure chests and herbs, marking them on the map.

Points of Interest Detection

User: Sorey, Alisha, Dezel/Zaveid


Detect nearby undiscovered monoliths and discovery points, marking them on the map.


User: Rose, Dezel/Zaveid


Designate a previously defeated foe to make it more likely to appear in battle. Good for when you are looking for droppable items such as equipment. Raise level to increase odds of appearance. You can access Luring menu with Tri-Angle button.

Remedy Preparation

User: Mikleo, Alisha


Recreate gels and bottles that you have already owned, like apple gels or life bottles.

Health Maintenance

User: Lailah


Health maintenance steadily recovers your HP while moving, and also warns you when an ally’s HP is low. Higher level will increase HP recovery.


User: Mikleo, Alisha, Dezel/Zaveid


After winning a battle or eavesdropping on townsfolk, movement speed is boosted for 30 seconds. Your speed increases with each enemy you defeat or rumor you hear as long as your timer doesn’t run out. Higher level will increase speed boost and set on multiple characters.

Item Ordering

User: Sorey, Rose


Select a Rank 3 or higher Weaponsmith’s Shop and increase availability of a specified item. You will receive a notification when the item is in stock. You can access Item Ordering menu by pressing Tri-Angle button

Money Finding

User: Edna


Find gald simply by wandering the streets of towns – spending some money beforehand will give you a boost in the gald amount earned. While there is still a chance of finding gald in fields, dungeons and in towns.

Normin for the Win

User: Lailah, Edna


Find the hidden Normin nearby you, marking them on mini map.

Stealthy Feet

User: Rose


Sneak up on noise-sensitive foes undetected. At Higher level you will be stealthier; at max proficiency, you won’t make a sound.


User: Lailah, Edna


Build up fusion points over time, then use them to fuse equipment. This is the same procedure as fusions in shops, but can be performed for free – however, the more valuable the item, the more points you’ll need to spend.  You can access fusion menu by pressing Tri- Angle button.

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