The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – All Fist-Fighting and Horse Races Locations and Details

There are many more things to do in Witcher 3, besides completing the main story quests and secondary quests. These additional activities are known as – fistfighting and Horse Racing. In fistfighting you will show your unarmed fighting skills. The latter enables you to equip Roach with additional saddlebags, saddles, and blinkers that help you store more equipment, increase your horse’s Stamina, and reduce Roach’s panic level.

There are a total of 13 Fistfights to attempt, 4 are in Velen, 4 are in Novigrad city and 4 are in Skellige, with a final champion bout in Skellige once all previous 12 fistfights are completed.

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Fists Of Fury: Velen

This could be your first fight, while in Velen (No Man’s Land), you will find it on a notice board, after that go to the Inn at the Crossroads and stumble upon the fight inside.

  • Locations: Inn at the Crossroads, Blackbough, Lindenvale and Crow’s Perch
  • Characters: Bookies, Blacksmith, Jonas, Stan “Fishgulper”, Sergeant


  • Defeat Smithy
  • Defeat Jonas
  • Defeat Fishgulper
  • Fight the sergeant for the Velen title

Fistfight 1: Smithy, Of The Inn At The Crossroads

Your first fight is against a local smith, Visit the Inn at the Crossroads for that. So be ready for the fight. He’s a pushover though fists are better than shoving.

Fistfight 2: Jonah Of Blackbough

Your second fight in Velen is against the Jonah, for that go to the ground outside tavern in Blackbough, and speaks to the bookie, who mentions his man Jonas likes to bite. After some parrying and pummeling, this gent provides little trouble. Defeat him for your next fight.

Fistfight 3: Fishgulper Of Lindenvale

For fight 3, speak to the bookie along the main thoroughfare of Lindenvale, near the Notice Board. Stan speaks earnestly before the fight, urging you to throw the bout so you lose, and he can remain claim a sack of flour as a prize in this downtrodden hole.

Fistfight 4: The Sergeant Of Crow’s Perch

The current champion of Velen is the sergeant over at Crow’s Perch.

Go up into upper courtyard close to the stables, where a small crowd has gathered. The bookie called sergeant can be chatted to and the bout started. With some well-timed counters and retaliation, you can reduce this ugly thug to a heap in the grass, and collect your winnings.

Fists of Fury: Novigrad

While in Novigrad, look for a notice board here you will read about the Fist fighting.

  • Locations: Golden Sturgeon (Novigrad), Portside Gate, Southern Gate, Glory Gate, Farcorners
  • Characters: Bookies, Master Claytop, Georgius “Piledriver” Georg, Patty Gruber, Archibald O’Neill, Captain “Iron” Mortimer, Durden the Tailor


  • Defeat Georgius Georg.
  • Defeat Archibald O’Neill.
  • Defeat Iron Mortimer.
  • Fight the Tailor for the Novigrad title.:

Fistfight 1: Georgius Georg Of The Golden Sturgeon

For the first fight, go to the east-west canal, along the dockside of west Novigrad, is the Golden Sturgeon tavern, go inside and Master Claytop greets you, accept the challenge.

After the announcement, Claytop murmurs something about “engaging in an enterprize.” Or throwing the fight. You can agree, or refuse (or agree and then win). It’s a good idea to go with the subterfuge, since you can simply challenge Georg again and win, afterwards, and bank two purses.

Fistfight 2: Archibald O’neill Of The Portside Gate

Now go to the filthy alleys, just inside the Portside Gate and locate the dingy fighting corner. Face off against Archibald, who is a little tougher. Counters and pummelling is the plan, after which you’re urged to face the captain of the guard.

Fistfight 3: Iron Mortimer Of The Southern Gate

Now go to the Southern Gate, inside it a fighting courtyard of mud and fight against the mighty Mortimer. He’s a tough, sinewy chap with a constitution to match his name, so more counters than usual are necessary. Timing and patience are required. Once you land a successful counter, make sure to follow one or two quick jabs with a heavy punch before withdrawing before he can regain his composure.

Fistfight 4: Durden The Tailor Of Farcorners

Now for the last fight go to the Glory Gate and into the settlement of Farcorners. Start the lengthy process of whittling the elf’s health down to naught.

The elf is fast, so stay on your guard, block and use counters wisely but do not get caught up in too many chain attacks as he will be able to give you the slip.

Fists of Fury: Skellige

While in Isles of Skellige, look for a notice board for the first 3 fights, or by stumbling into the first fight in Kaer Trolde Harbor.

  • Locations: New Port Inn, Kaer Trolde Harbor (Ard Skellig), Ringvold (Faroe), Arinbjorn (Ard Skellig), Urialla Arena (An Skellig)
  • Characters: Valgard, Eryka, Einar, Grim, Olaf


  • Defeat Valgard
  • Defeat Einar
  • Defeat Grim
  • Defeat Olaf
  • Talk to the fight organizer

Fistfight 1: Valgard Of Kaer Trolde

Go to the New Port Inn, along the shore north of Kaer Trolde Harbor, below the looming keep. Speak with the fightmaster and then Valgard. He will block a lot and it is very hard to spam him with fast attacks, as he will counter very often. He will stay in guard if assaulted. It is best to counter his attacks and retaliate after a successful one. Avoid his heavy attacks. After the defeat, fightmaster reveals two more worthy opponents to best.

Fistfight 2: Einar Of Ringvold

Now go to the Isle of Faroe, southeast of Ard Skellig and visit the hamlet of Ringvold. The swarthy folks here are ready to fight. Top of the heap is the tattooed nightmare known as Einar. He is quite tough. Einar will attempt to dodge most of the attacks and he is very dangerous and relentless up close. He will combo attacks.

It is best to stay far away from him and try to attack when his guard isn’t up. Countering can work well, too but beware if you mistime one Claim your reward afore ye go.

Fistfight 3: Grim Of Arinbjorn

For the 3rd fight go to the northwestern Ard Skellig and locate windswept, there are a group of islanders waiting for a challenger. This lumberjack is more of a defensive oriented fighter. He will stay in guard when he is being hit. He excels in using heavy attacks after you open up his guard. He will not dodge only block. With timing you can defeat him easily

Fistfight 4: Olaf The Hairy Of An Skellig

Now go to the northeast of Ard Skellig. Locate the circular arena to the east of the main settlement of Urialla Harbor and stay atop the watching perimeter to find bookie. this time you will face a giant bear.

Olaf’s paws are deadly and do a massive damage, you really need to dodge and quick darts in and out while patiently waiting for an opening is the order here. Attack from the sides or behind when he roars. After defeat speak to the bookie.

Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions

After defeating all 12 opponents and finishing Secondary Quest: Master of the Arena and removed the wraith from Spikeroog’s legendary will be able to fight this one.

  • Location: Hov (Spikeroog)
  • Characters: Errant Troll


  • Kill or be killed

Now you fight against a giant troll in a small island of Spikeroog. Go to the eastern tip of the Isle to settlement of Hov, and speak to the bookie standing by the carved totem by the arena entrance.

During the fight dodge any swiping, double-pounds and charges, and you should turn this creature to pebbles. Luckily, you find out towards the end that the troll has a soft side and does not kill you should you lose.

Should you win, you will be rewarded with the name of the Troll Champion! Now claim your rewards as the Fist of Fury quests conclude and a Dwarven Silver Sword Diagram

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