The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – All Witcher Contracts Location and Completion Guide

During your journey throughout the Northern Realms, you will get these wicther contracts, which will help you to level up fast and gives you other benefits. But during these contracts you will face the tougher versions of the same enemies, that you may defeat in the main story line. So be ready for it.

Some of these creatures are truly dangerous, so you may consider checking the level in the quest menu to ensure you’re up to the task.

There are a total of 26 witcher contracts that you can get in the game. 1 in White Orchard, 11 are in Velen, 8 are in Novigrad and northern territories and 6 more in Skellige. Below you will find out, from where you can get these contracts and also how you can complete them and defeat the monsters you are facing.

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Contract #1: Devil by The Well

You can get this contract, when you are on a main story-line quest “Lilac and Gooseberries”, for that you need to located a notice Board in White Orchard to read contract and after that go and talk to Odolan or you can stumble the Noonwraith in Hovel.

  • Locations : White Orchard OR Abandoned Village (Hovel)
  • Characters: Odolan

Contract Objectives:

  • Ask Odolan about the contract
  • Nearest Signpost: Woesong Bridge

One you read the notice board, you can see the location of the Odolan in White Orchard. Go there and talk to him, he will ask you to drive away a monster from a well in the nearby Abandoned Village. Odolan can be found in his house on the western outskirts of White Orchard. Agree to help him to start the quest.


  • Find the spirit that haunts the well
  • Find evidence of the spirit’s presence using your Witcher Senses
  • Read the entry about noonwraiths in the Bestiary
  • Nearest Signpost: Abandoned Village (Hovel)

Now go along the woodland path of Abandoned Village to the infamous well. After your quest updates, finding out what is haunting the place is achieved in one of two ways:

Using your Witcher Senses to spot the following:

  • Scorch marks on the grass around the well
  • A body dried to a crisp close to some bushes
  • Visiting the well between the hours of 12 and 6 (day time) and meet the noonwraith personally

Assuming the noonwraith hasn’t shown yet, your quest updates, enabling you to read the Bestiary entry (under “Specters”) regarding the habits of these foul creatures.


  • Find out what binds the noonwraith to the ruined village
  • Follow the drag marks
  • Read the diary from the ruined house
  • Examine the well

Three objective areas appear on your minimap.

  • The remains of a man stabbed with a knife
  • A yellowed diary on a bed, which should be read as it references a bracelet the key to this haunting
  • A set of drag marks

Quest Item: Yellowed Diary

Travel back to the well and inspect the traces of blood on the taut well rope. Peering over the edge of the well, you discover the corpse of the woman who wrote the diary. The skeleton is missing an arm.


  • Go down the well and look for something that belonged to the dead woman
  • Find a way out of the cave, and leave the cave

Now jump into the well, dive down directly below the surface and check the bottom until you discover the bracelet you read about in the diary.

Quest Item: Ornate Bracelet

Now come back to the surface and go near the waterfall, after reading the bracelet’s inscription “To Claer— From Volker”, go east and  diving into underground tunnel that brings you out into a nearby woodland pond. Climb onto the banks, and return to the village.


  • Prepare to fight the noonwraith and light a fire near the well
  • Light a fire to destroy the noonwraith’s bones and bracelet

Now go back to the well and stand over the skeletal remains of Claer. Access the corpse to automatically burn it and the bracelet, to summon the Noonwraith.


  • Defeat the noonwraith
  • Take a trophy from the noonwraith
  • Return to Odolan

After killing the monster, gather the trophy from her cropes and go back to Odolan. Now you can choose your reward.

  • Amethyst (if you refuse the coin), or Crowns

Now you can meet with the Tomira the herbalist, at her nearby cottage. Telling her about what happened at the well gives you more insight into who Claer was and what happened and the following rewards.

  • Crowns, 4x Saltpetre, 8x Berbercane Fruit, 8x Hellebore Petals, 6x Cortinarius

Contract #2: Jenny O’ The Woods


While in Midcopse, find a notice board to start this contract.

  • Location: Midcopse
  • Characters: Bolko, Agneta, Zula


  • Talk to the ealdorman of Midcopse
  • Nearest Signpost: Midcopse

Now go to Midcopse and locate Bolko leaning against his hut.  You can put your price for your services if you wish, and ask if anyone has seen this Jenny o’ the Woods character. Agneta can provide further information about it.


  • Interrogate the witnesses – (Optional)

Agneta can be located at the edge of village and claims to have seen Jenny. Go talk to her, listen to her and move.

New Objective:

  • Search the nearby fields

Now go to the northwest of Midcopse and in objective area use your Witcher Senses, examine the ground under foot. These are the footprints of a woman running through here barefoot. Follow these in a winding arch to a large splattering of blood.

Inspect the blood splatter by the copse of trees. The woman couldn’t outrun so her throat was slit, and the knife left behind. Take the knife, since the dried blood on it may prove useful.

Quest Item: Assassin’s Knife

Now go to the northwest and check for the dragging marks where the body was pulled. This ends at a thicket, it is a shallow grave. Inspect the grave to find a letter.

Quest Item: Letter Found in a Grave


  • Read the dead girl’s journal
  • Ask the ealdorman about the lovers
  • Find the lovers’ meeting spot

After reading the letter, go back to the ealdorman back in Midcopse and tell him what you know. He explains they both disappeared about a week ago.

Bolko tells you to travel to a clearing west of the village.


  • Burn Zula’s letter and the dried blood from the knife
  • Kill Jenny o’ the Woods

Now go the he objective area between the Refugees’ Camp and the Forest Hut. Trek northwest first. There is a small campfire and straw bedding close to the woods. Summon a Night wraith.

Meditate until sun sets and access the campfire, something dark flits behind you then approaches the light.

Now defeat the Jenny o’ the Woods and take the trophy from the nightwraith.


Take a trophy from the nightwraith

You will also find an ingredient, the skull and bones of the foe.

Now go back to the Bolko, with the sack containing this evidence tied to your saddle and you will have your reward. You will also get dark Essence ingredient.

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