Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – All Bonus Medals location Guide

Bonus Medals provide a little boost to player skills. Each province hole one or two these special medals, which will provide valuable enhancements for the player. Select Bonus Medal when Intel gathering to show their location on the TCAMAP. Refer to the provinces chapter for the location of every Bonus Medal and the skill chapter to find out which skills have an available boost.

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Weapons List:

Below you will find the location of Bonus Medal in each district so that you can find it without any issue.


Bullet Resistance

  • Just before entering Campo De Futbol El Yayo through the west gate, find a Bonus Medal to the right, resting on a red box.

Born Leader

  • Move inside the big garage in the center of Itacua Base, and follow the steps all the way to the roof. Find the small storage room and collect the Bonus Medal inside.



  • On the west side of the village, a helicopter is parked just outside a walled-residence. Inside the walls, find a Bonus Medal on a metal shelf in the northern corner.

P.N. De Agua Verde:

Trained Rebels

  • Look for a secret tunnel, directly north of Riverine Checkpoint, that leads to a cocaine hideout. Follow it deep inside until you reach a fenced-in area on the right. Watch out for enemies as you turn left and search behind the concrete barrier for a Bonus Medal.

No Pain

  • Boat or fly out to the Buchon House Island in the middle of the lake. The property is well guarded so cautiously make your way to the mansion on the northwest side. A party is being thrown for the VIPs, so watch your fire. Sitting atop the bar at the back of the house is a valuable Bonus Medal.


Aircraft Shield

  • Enter Nidia Flores’ Hacienda through the open door on the northwest side. Head to the right, move through the locker room, and climb the steps to the top floor. Move through the kids’ play area and bathroom to reach the bedroom in the far corner. Here a Bonus Medal sits on the executive desk.

Ammo Capacity

  • In the northwestern quadrant of the city, look for the comms center located near the hospital and helicopter. From that intersection, head northwest a block and a half until you reach a house with four garage doors. Climb to its roof and search the room to find the Bonus Medal on a small filing cabinet in the corner.

San Mateo:

Stable Aim

  • Inside the walls of Prison Rosario, spot the raised, machinegun nest that sits on the cliff across the road from the comms center. Climb to the top, dispose of the soldier, and collect the reward from the table.


Time to Aim

  • Visit the Santa Blanca outpost high in the mountains in northeastern Tabacal. Enter the two-story, wood structure next to the steps and make your way to the roof. The lone Tabacal Bonus Medal rests on a workbench.

Espiritu Santo:

Quiet Running

  • Near the top of the hill, in the northeast quadrant of Alta Gracia, a home is surrounded by a protective brick wall. Slip inside the property and search the supplies to the left to find the lone Espiritu Santo Bonus Medal.

Villa Verde:


  • On the southeast side of the city, defenses are a bit tighter with a bunker and alarm. Enter the building just north of this bunker and ascend to the rooftop, where a Bonus Medal is found in the far corner.

VHC Destruction

  • At the northern Santa Blanca outpost, infiltrate the base at the far south end. Utilize the rear steps at the second home and enter the first floor. A Bonus Medal sits on a desk next to the TV.


Binocular Recon

  • A bridge spans across the river with watch posts setup high on each side. Climb up to the very top of the south side to find a Bonus Medal.


Explosion Resistance

  • South of the mine, look for a two-story, brick house next to the railroad. Climb the exterior staircase to the second floor and collect the Bonus Medal from the metal shelves.


Bonus Revive Speed

  • DJ Perico’s home from the story mission of the same name is the farthest southern house in Todos Santos Town. Step inside the two-story, brick building directly across the road and collect the Bonus Medal from the upstairs metal


Hip Fire Spread

  • Head over to the west side of Choza Padre, where the Santa Blanca have setup a few houses. Enter the one just north of the helicopter and grab the Bonus Medal from the second-floor shelving unit.


Flash Grenade

  • Fight your way or sneak into the three-story, brick building, located just west of the armory. On the third floor, find a Bonus Medal on the corner desk.


  • From the southwest, move around the back side of the first group of brick houses and climb over the fence behind the house. Go upstairs and collect the Bonus Medal from the desk.


Squad Resilience

  • The lone Bonus Medal in Remanzo is found at the well-defended Liquid Cocaine Lab. Infiltrate the property through a gap in the fence, where a pipe has been partially buried. Sneak into the chapel on the left through the open back door, use the right steps to reach an office. The award has been left on the wood desk.


Car Shield

  • Find the Koani Railway Camp, east of Huertas, and drive an official Santa Blanca vehicle through the automatic gate. Park it in front of the armory on your right. Collect a Bonus Medal from the metal shelves just inside the doorway.


  • The Koani Air Base, found in the middle of the salt flats, is well defended with multiple watchtowers, miniguns, and SAM systems especially the military area that is placed within a brick wall. Approach the base from the northeast salt flats and pick off the lone soldier at the first signs of dirt. Jump into his SUV and drive onto the runway, keeping your speed up so you are not identified. Turn left onto the road and left again to a gas station. Make a right and drive up the dirt road into the fortified area of the base. Do not stop until you reach the armory. Hop out and climb up the far side to find the Bonus Medal on the rooftop.


Diversion Grenade

  • The Santa Blanca has set up camp on the east side of the city with their traditional brick buildings. Look for the three-story home just south of a watchtower and sneak inside. Climb to the third floor to find the Bonus Medal on the corner shelves.


  • Move around to the south side of Santa Blanca’s south outpost and find the auto garage. Enter through the back door and collect the Bonus Medal off the workbench against the right wall.

Flor De Oro:

Binocular Zoom

  • The forward operating base, erected on the southeast side of the city, is well protected with watchtowers and a surrounding wall. Two automatic gates allow Unidad vehicles to enter from the main road. Guards use two doorways on the backside to reach their respective bunkers, but they only open when someone is present. Another barbed-wire fence surrounds the penitentiary within the base, which is where you find the Bonus Medal. Another automatic gate provides entry for vehicles while a pedestrian doorway on the back wall is available with the press of a button. Use this entry point to enter the prison area. Move straight and then right to find the armory. Collect the bonus from the shelves inside.

Inca Camina:

Bleed Out Time

  • A small Santa Blanca outpost oversees Julpe Alto from the north. Infiltrate the house on the east side and ascend to the second floor, where a Bonus Medal rests on the bed.

Media Luna:

Mark Area

  • Descend into the canyon farther east or fly a helicopter down to the river. Find a small cabin sitting next to the water, on the far west side of the canyon. Kick the door in and grab the Bonus Medal inside.

Flare Gun

  • At the southern Unidad checkpoint, located south of their M.O.B., follow the dirt road up to a small plateau. A Bonus Medal is available atop a pallet of crates near a helicopter.

Monte Puncu:

Frag Grenade

  • Santa Blanca occupy the west side of El Yayo Cooperative, so use caution as you sneak through the area. Enter the central home and collect a Bonus Medal off the metal shelves.


  • The southern Santa Blanca outpost resides on the side of the highway, south of Chaca Barraca Village. A Bonus Medal rests on a workbench inside the spacious armory on the north side of the base.

La Cruz:


  • Travel to the southwest corner of eastern La Cruz province to find another Santa Blanca outpost. Infiltrate the base from the west or south and cautiously make your way to the armory, located just inside the west vehicle entry point. Grab the Bonus Medal from the corner shelves.


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