Assassin’s Creed Origins – How to Kill War Elephants

Located at four camps around Egypt, War Elephants have been trained to kill. Step inside one of these sites to get the attention of the beast for a fight. Each battle requires persistence and focus to make it through.

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  • Total: 4
  • Objective: Kill the Elephants
  • Reward: 1 Ap Per War Elephant, Piece of Legendary Gear (Two Of The War Elephants)

Thing You Should Keep in Mind:

  • The fights get harder as they go on, so conserving a little ammo for the last phase is often a good idea.
  • The elephants tend to be less active early on, so use that time to go in for melee attacks.
  • Keep an eye out for them, but be sure you need them before picking them up. Later phases often require more ammunition.
  • Be ready for opportunities to strike as the elephant moves around the battlefield.
  • When they turn around or strafe, take advantage of the openings and attack.


  • Territory: Hideout of Herwennefer, White Desert Oasis
  • Level: 35
  • Reward Item: Shaman Legendary Outfit

Look for Herwennefer to move out to range as his riders begin firing arrows; use shield to block. When opens up his neck to attack. This is a weak spot, so take advantage of the chance. After every melee combo, Herwennefer rises up on his back legs. Use this opportunity to shoot his belly for extra damage.

Lower your shield and run out of range to avoid taking damage. When he hits 30 percent health, arrows and bombs are launched at the same time.


  • Territory: Roman Camp of Surus, Green Mountains
  • Level: 38

When the elephant roars, it is a sign that he is going to run out and charge you. Shoot a volley of arrows at him as he runs away. At 70 percent health, he enters Phase 2. When the beast heads out for a charge attack, the soldiers begin shooting at you. Block them with your shield while dodging the charge.

At 30 percent health, during charge, arrows and firebombs are sent your way. The elephant also becomes highly aggressive, so be ready to dodge the extra attacks.


  • Territory: Roman Camp of Jumbe, Herakleion Nome
  • Level: 40

Look for Jumbe to run out and prepare a charge attack. If you can position yourself near a wall, you can force him to slam into it. This stuns him, opening him up for attack. If caught in the path of his front attack, dash in the opposite direction of his swing to avoid the hit.

At 70 percent health, Jumbe enters Phase 2. When he moves out for a charge attack, his riders toss smoke bombs in an attempt to stun you. Be ready for the incoming projectiles and move out of the vicinity. If you are caught in the blast, you risk becoming vulnerable to the charge.

At  30 percent health, smoke bombs are thrown while he charges at you. Now you must dodge the smoke screens and his attack. At this point, Jumbe no longer rams into walls and he charges up to three times if he does not make contact.

Qetesh & Resheph

  • Territory: Camp of Qetesh & Resheph, Uab Nome
  • Level: 40
  • Reward Item: Trophy Hunter Legendary Predator Bow

This pair of elephants takes turns attacking. When one is active, the other one attempts to keep its distance. If you wish to melee, focus on the active elephant.

While Resheph prefers melee attacks, Qetesh likes to leave the work to her riders. She also blows her trunk after their attacks, which opens up a weak spot on her neck. Use that opportunity to attack.

Listen for calls to charge, as this announces Resheph’s intention to charge at you. Get ready to dodge away from his melee attack and get in hits of your own.

When an elephant reaches 60 percent health, they start Phase 2 of the fight. During this phase, Qetesh’s riders begin shooting you while Resheph runs in for melee attacks. Focus your shield on Qetesh and ready for a dodge when a ground shake proclaims Resheph’s charge

Try to keep the two elephants at around the same health, because when one dies, the other enrages, becoming much more aggressive.

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