Dishonored 2 – How to Change Language and Audio

Dishonored support many different languages and Audios, so player can play in his Language. But by default it has English language. You have to set your language by your own. Which you can know below how you can change it.

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Change Language and Audio:

Let’s start with it:

Overall Language

  • Go to game settings in Steam Library
  • Set the language you prefere as a VOICE language
  • Close game properties

Set Text Language

go to “Steam\steamapps\common\Dishonored2\base”

Find file named “SKUConfig.txt.”

Open file, it will contain something like this





Find the language you want to set TEXT to and set it as a first.

It means you need to change “EnglisheLIDto your own language. (TEXT and AUDIO) both

Alternatively you can set those two languages in text file.

As it turns out the first language after words TEXT and AUDIO matters.


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