Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – All Collectibles Location Guide

In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End you can find and collect 5 different types of collectibles, Treasures, Journal Entries, Journal Notes, Conversations and Weapons. Weapons are also count as collectible in the game. There are 109 hidden treasures throughout the story adventure in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

If you are looking to complete the trophies challenge, you can see the full list of trophies in out Trophies List. We also have listed all the weapons in our Weapon Guide Article; you can read it for more information about the specific weapon.

Journal Notes

Journal Notes are letters found along your journey that are added to your Journal. Journal Notes appear with a special icon in the environment. Press Touch Pad to bring up the Journal and flip through the pages with the right stick.

Journal Entries

Journal Entries are sketches and comments Nathan makes in his Journal along his adventure. Journal Entries appear in the environment symbolized using a special icon.


Listen all the conversations in the game to get the “Gift of Gab” trophy. By performing specific tasks, you can trigger Optional Conversations with allies. Once an Optional Conversation has become active, simply walk up to the ally with the conversation bubble icon over their head and press Tri-Angle to begin the talk.


Weapons can be count as collectible in the game, because you need all of them to get the “I Accidentally All the Weapons” trophy. This trophy requires that you use all the weapons in the game. To earn this trophy, you must shoot every firearm in this game.

All collectibles Locations:

Below we have listed all the collectibles that you will find in the game in every chapter with their location and detail so you can track and collect them easily.


Para .45

  • Starting Weapon cannot be missed. After reentering the boat, Sam hands you this weapon.

Chapter 2: Infernal Place

Panamanian Cat Pendant (Treasure)

  • When you reach the terrace where you find the grapple hook, drop into the old well. Then move down the short tunnel to find your first glowing treasure, a Panamanian Cat Pendant

Navaja Folding Knife (Treasure)

  • When you first enter the prison tower interior, search pile of rubble next to the pillar under the high, boarded window to find the Navaja Folding Knife

Chapter 3: The Malaysia Job

Antique Padlock (Treasure)

  • From the start, veer slightly right and swim through the reeds until you spot a log lying like a bridge across two rocks. Search the riverbed directly underneath the log to find the Antique Padlock.

Chiriqui Shark Trinket (Treasure)

  • As you enter the underwater ravine, look for two side-by-side openings under a rock arch. Swim into the leftmost opening. Move down the short tunnel and search for the Chiriqui Shark Trinket on the rocks below.

Antique Pocketwatch (Treasure)

  • As you move downstream and find the trailer, turn right and swim to the rocky ravine wall. At the wall, turn left and search along its bottom edge, moving downstream. Soon you find the Antique Pocketwatch glowing on a rock ledge near a tall stand of reeds.

Antique Arcade Token (Treasure)

  • You will find the Antique Arcade Token at the end of the chapter up on the barge’s center platform. It’s on the bottom shelf.

Conversation #1 and #2:

  • After approaching on deck, you can talk to a pair of nearby workers if you want: one fellow unloading crate from the trailer “Wasn’t The Slowest One” and another leaning on the railing up on the center platform “My Man”. Go near to them and Talk icon appears, press Tri-Angle to trigger a quick conversation.

Chapter 4: A Normal Life

Toy Gun (Weapon)

  • You will grab this New Weapon from a holster hanging on the ornate room divider from the start of the chapter and start shooting targets.

Still Got It (Tropy)

  • Shoot all 4 targets hanging in the attic. 3 are round plates hanging from the rafters. Fourth hanging plate hung higher and can be found above your desk chair where you started.

Chapter 5: Hector Alcazar

Aegis 9mm (Weapon)

  • Starting Weapon

MP34a (Weapon)

  • Guards throughout the Prison carry these. (This weapon is only available here)

HS39 (Weapon)

  • Alcazar’s men drop these when they die.

Chapter 6: Once a Thief…

Mughal Water Container (Treasure)

  • From the start, move down the ravine. At the bottom, follow the rock wall on the left side to the edge of a cliff overlooking the spectacular waterfront below. Find the Mughal Water Container on the ground.

Nephrite Brass Cup (Treasure)

  • After you pull up into the lemon grove, follow the right-side wall. Look for the Nephrite Brass Cup sitting on the sill of the window near the wall.

Conversation #1:

  • After getting the treasure, follow Sam over to the back corner of the grove, Look for the Talk icon over his head, Sam talks about “The Little Things You Miss” while incarcerated for 15 years.

Conversation #2:

  • Another conversation icon will appear on Sam’s head near the final arch, just after grappling out of the orchard house, as you move through the pillars.

Viking Cloak Clasp (Treasure)

  • After the cutscene where you meet Sully and make your new plans, go back inside the room behind you to find the Viking Cloak Clasp on a desk on the left.

Mother of Pearl Horn (Treasure)

  • After the cutscene, go out on the balcony and find the Mother of Pearl Horn sitting on the ledge behind the left doorway pillar.

Conversation #3:

  • Before following Sully, find the Sam, go out onto the balcony to the right to find Sam at the railing with a Talk icon “Exit Strategy” on his head.

Persian Bronze Bowl (Treasure)

  • After the cutscene where Sully meets Nadine, turn left and enter storeroom. Move past the stack of round folding tables to the crates and find Persian Bronze Bowl tucked behind pallet of Pastore boxes.

Brass Barber’s Bowl (Treasure)

  • After getting the last collectible, when you descend to lower cellar, look underneath the staircase to find Brass Barber’s Bowl.

Syrian Vase (Treasure)

  • After you emerge from the vent into the upper courtyard, hop over the railing to drop into the lower courtyard and head around the corner to the fire-escape ladder. Climb to the small balcony and scale the drainpipe; climb across the windowsills to another drainpipe and shimmy around the corner. Then drop to the roof where you find the Syrian Vase.

Persian Candlestick (Treasure)

  • After you climb the first ladder in the courtyard, follow the walkway to the doorway in the decorative wall and climb up the roof now jump off to the right side to grab balcony railing below. Find the Persian Candlestick sitting on the base of second pillar on right.

Mughal Dagger (Treasure)

After you swing from the pole onto the terrace in the cave underneath the utility building, hang from the outer edge and climb leftward across the pillars to find the Mughal Dagger in a small niche on the second pillar.


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