Assassin’s Creed Origins – Achievements/Trophies List

The achievements and trophies in Assassin’s Creed Origins vary greatly from simply playing through the main quests to completing the numerous side activities to killing enemies in spectacular fashion to experiencing a hallucination, where scarabs fall from the sky.

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Game Progression:

Complete the main quests and the mentioned side quests, and reach Level 20 to receive the following:

First Steps (Bronze/10)

  • Complete the Prologue.

I’m Just Getting Started (Bronze/10)

  • Complete Main Quest: Aya (suggested level 12).

The Sea (Bronze/20)

  • Complete Main Quest: Pompeius Magnus (suggested level 12).

The Scarab (Silver/10)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Scarab’s Sting (suggested level 15).

The Hyena (Bronze/20)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Hyena (suggested level 20).

The Lizard (Silver/20)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Lizard’s Face (suggested level 20).

The Crocodile (Bronze/20)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Crocodile’s Jaws (suggested level 25).

The Siege (Silver/30)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Battle of the Nile (suggested level 31).

Wake Up! (Silver/30)

  • Complete Main Quest: Dream Sequence (suggested level 31).

Almost There (Silver/30)

  • Complete Main Quest: The Final Weighing (suggested level 32).

The End (Gold/50)

  • Complete the last main quest. To finish the main quest, complete Birth of the Creed.

The Festival (Bronze/20)

  • Complete Side Quest: Lady of Slaughter.

The quest is found in Lake Mareotis near the Temple of Sekhmet (suggested level 8).

Seven Farmers (Bronze/10)

  • Complete Side Quest: Seven Farmers. The quest is found in north-central Uab Nome (suggested level 30).

You still need 8880… (Bronze/10)

  • Reach Level 20.


The following achievements are earned by completing the various activities around Ancient Egypt. Refer to our Activities chapter for further details.

For those about to die… (Silver/20)

  • Complete all arena events in the Krokodilopolis Arena.

Only requires defeating The Brothers and the Slaver on Normal mode; defeating elite events is not necessary.

Fatality! (Silver/20)

  • Finish an arena boss with an Overpower attack.

Whittle a boss’s health down, but once you get down to about one-quarter health, save your next special power until little health is left.

Ben-Hur (Bronze/20)

  • Win the first Hippodrome tournament.

Finish in first in Nike’s Winged Victory tournament.

Road Rage (Bronze/20)

  • Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race.

Trample and ram an opponent until the rival’s chariot is destroyed to earn Road Rage.

Elementary, My Dear Bayek (Bronze/30)

  • Solve a Papyrus mystery.

Find a Papyrus and read its clue. Use this information to hunt down the treasure and score this reward. Refer to the Papyri section of the Activities chapter for more information.

Stargazer (Silver/20)

Visit all 12 Stone Circles and align the stars to complete each one. Refer to the Stone Circles section of the Activities chapter for details on each Stone Circle.

Raider of the Lost Tomb (Bronze/20)

  • Complete a tomb.

Any tomb will do, though the early side quest “Hideaway” takes you through the simplest tomb, Mountain of the Dead, as you complete the quest. Refer to the Tombs section of the Activities chapter for information on each tomb.

The Harder They Fall (Silver/50)

War Elephants are the toughest opponents in the game and require great perseverance. Concentrate arrows at its eyes for extra damage, though ammo should be saved, since the beast gets tougher as the fight goes along. Loot bags pop up around the battlefield when ammo runs low. Watch for it to strafe for a good opportunity to strike. Refer to the War Elephants section of the Activities chapter for more information.

Words of Wisdom (Bronze/5)

  • Complete all hermit locations

Meditate at all five hermit locations to score 5 Ability Points. Refer to the Atlas for all five locations.

Defy Authority (Bronze/10)

  • Defeat a Phylake.

After assassinating Gennadios, Phylake (Bounty Hunters) come after Bayek . with red icons indicating their locations on the map. Be careful when these guys appear; they are some of the toughest enemies in the game—ranking just below the War Elephants. Kill one to score this award.

The Completions

A number of awards require upgrading Bayek and making your way around the entire map. Destroy objects whenever possible and sell the trinkets found inside small-value containers.

I Know My Land (Bronze/30)

  • Defog the whole map.

The map unfogs as you travel to new areas. Once you have visited the entire overworld, I Know My Land is awarded.

I’m Done Learning (Silver/30)

  • Activate a Master ability.

Make your way through the skill tree to Master Hunter, Master Warrior, or Master Seer and spend a point on the ability.

I’m a Legend (Bronze/20)

  • Be equipped with only Legendary equipment.

Requires two melee weapons, two bows, a shield, an outfit, and a Legendary vehicle.

Handy Man (Bronze/20)

  • Craft 20 items.

Gather resources whenever the opportunity arises and put them to good use by improving your gear

Old Habits (Silver/40)

  • Complete all locations.

Complete all world portals, points of interest, tombs, Ancient Mechanisms, lairs, forts, Papyrus locations, Stone Circles, and War Elephants. Refer to our Atlas for all locations and the Activities chapter for further details.

Namaste (Bronze/20)

  • Use Dawn & Dusk to make time speed forward 30 times.

Purchase the Dawn & Dusk ability and use it to change between night and day. Hold the world map button to perform this action.

Master Diver (Silver/20)

  • Complete 15 underwater locations.

A number of points of interest found in the waterways are actually underwater; dive to find the lost treasure. Watch out for crocodiles in the Nile.

Free as a Bird (Bronze/10)

  • Use the eagle for a total of 30 minutes.

Senu is very helpful when scouting enemy strongholds and searching for resources, so use him often.

Triathlete (Bronze/10)

  • Swim for 1,500 m, ride for 40km, and run for 10 km.

Spend time not only running around the map, but also swimming the seas and riding the various vehicles.

Rider’s License (Bronze/10)

  • Use all types of vehicle at least once.

This requires using a horse, camel, cart, chariot, and felucca. Chariots can be raced at the Hippodrome or purchased from merchants once the Chariot Owner ability is owned. “Borrow” any felucca from any waterway and take it for a ride.

Smash! (Bronze/10)

  • Destroy 100 breakable objects.

There are numerous objects that can be busted with your weapons, such as urns, vases, and wooden benches. Watch out, as a cobra may hide inside or behind the bigger ones. Oil jars are also useful when broken open with a fire arrow, damaging hostiles in the immediate area.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Bronze/10)

  • Sell 100 trinkets at once.

Find trinkets inside small-value containers and sell them to vendors. Use the Animus Pulse to find all nearby container locations.

Kill Achievements/Trophies:

Kill enemies in spectacular fashion to score the following. Be sure to take down the captains aboard the vessels found in the various waterways.

Slasher (Bronze/10)

  • Kill three enemies with one hit.

A long weapon, such as a heavy blade, works well for the Slasher achievement. The simplest method may be to return to Siwa at a much higher level, and head to an enemy base, such as the Temple of Amun. Run through the stronghold, getting the attention of as many guards as possible. Once surrounded, hit them with a heavy attack. This swings the axe in a circle, hitting all who stands too close.

Shadow of Egypt (Silver/30)

  • Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.

Fully scan an area with Senu and stay aware of everyone’s positions. Sneak up on one enemy at a time and stealthily take each one down. If the white detection arc appears, quickly take cover and stay away until they return to normal.

BOOM! (Bronze/10)

  • Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars.

Fire arrow plus oil jar equals spectacular damage. Allow enemies to get close to these red jars and light them up.

The Arrow Whisperer (Silver/20)

  • Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow.

You must acquire the Enhanced Predator Bow ability in order to control the arrow. Aim for a stationary, unaware soldier at a distance and go for the head. If you go for an enemy far enough below your level, you could get a kill with an easier body shot.

Overdesign (Bronze/30)

  • Kill a poisoned Level 35+ enemy with the torch in less than 30 seconds.

Hit a Level 40 enemy with a poison dart, toss a torch on him, and quickly go in for the kill by pummeling him with another torch. Attempting at Level 40 and upgrading the bracer makes this a tad easier.

Archer of the Month (Silver/20)

  • Headshot kill an enemy with the bow while in the air.

The Elite Ranger ability allows the player to enter slow motion when aiming the bow in the air. Dropping from a high point gives you plenty of time to acquire a headshot on an unsuspecting foe.

Where’s My Black Flag? (Bronze/30)

  • Defeat eight ship captains.

Look for vessels in the northern seas, Lake Mareotis, and the Nile marked as points of interest or small military. Each one has a captain aboard. Board a ship and cautiously wipe out the crew, including the captain.


The wildlife in the game varies greatly from the tame gazelle to the ferocious predators, such as the lion. These four awards involve handling these animals

Circle of Life (Bronze/20)

  • Feed a predator with a corpse.

Kill a soldier and carry his body to any predator. It will devour the body, making for a nice distraction. Predators include hyenas, leopard, lion, or lioness.

Set-up Date (Bronze/10)

  • Bring a tamed lion to a crocodile.

Find a lion, preferably a sleeping one, and hit it with a dart. With the animal taming ability, make it your companion. Now simply find a crocodile and let them do their thing.

Run for Your Life! (Bronze/10)

  • Run away from three fights with a hippo.

Hippos are fairly slow animals, but beware of their charge attack, which allows them to close in on their target surprisingly quickly. They are unable to climb, so this is often the best route when fleeing from the beast.

RRoooaaarrrrr! (Bronze/5)

  • Tame a lion.

Try to sneak up on an unsuspecting lion and hit it with a sleep dart. If alerted to your presence, it gets more difficult to get the dart into the predator.

Other Achievement/Trophies

Three awards require you to become overheated in the desert, climb the highest peak, and snap a photo in 5 different territories. Earn every trophy on the PlayStation 4 to earn the platinum.

Overheating (Bronze/20)

  • Witness raining bugs in the desert.

Hallucinations are triggered after spending a short time in the desert. A specific hallucination involves frogs falling from the sky at the end of the vision.

I Can See My House from Here! (Bronze/0)

  • Reach the “Top of the World” in the Black Desert territory.

Find the Ra-Hrakhty Mountaintop hermit location at the high peak in eastern Black Desert. Meditate to score an AP as well as this achievement.

Reporter (Bronze/20)

  • Take one photo in in 5 different territories.

By clicking the two control sticks, you can snap pictures of anything that looks interesting. These photos are viewed on the map screen. Every time you enter a new territory (34 in all), take a picture.

Earn Them All! (PS4 Only)

  • Win every trophy.

Only available on PlayStation 4; acquire all of the above trophies to score the platinum.

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