Dragon Quest Builders – Free Play Areas Hidden Bonus Location Guide

In Free Play mode, there are 5 different areas that you can visit and build a base with your own style. “Terra Incognita: The Land of Liberty” is your main area where you build your base and no monster attack your base in this area. so whatever you build is safe from the damaging attacks that occurred in Alefgard. Build rooms here to enjoy their benefits throughout Free Play.

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There are 4 other areas that will unlock after you complete the main story mode.

  • Terra Australis” available after completing Chapter 1: Cantlin in Story Mode
  • Terra Orientalis” available after completing Chapter 2: Rimuldar in Story Mode.
  • Terra Borealis” available after completing Chapter 3: Kol and Galenholm in Story Mode.
  • Terra Occidentalis” available after completing the Final Chapter: Tantegel in Story Mode.

While you are exploring these areas, there are some interesting locations that you must visit and get the bonus items. Below we have listed all these locations, so you find these valuable items without any trouble.

Terra Incognita: The Land of Liberty:

Materials And Decorations

  • From the starting point, look for an island nearby, in the lake, you will find some has building material and decorations there.

Under A Tree: (Seed of Life)

  • There is a hidden chest under the tree on the island, which contains a Seed of Life.

Search The Mountain

  • There is a mountain located to the west of Banner of Hope. Climb up the mountain, search the Hallows and you will find three pairs of chests there, contain Woods and Seed of Life.

Castle Wall Blocks

  • There is a hidden chest behind the castle wall, break it and open the chest with Seed of Life.

Under The Teleportal

  • There 2 hidden chests under the teleportal to Terra Occidentalis. Earthen support under the teleportal is broken up by a line of ivy. Chests contain Seed of Life and Healing Cream.

Terra Australis Locations:

Mountain Tunnel System

  • There are some caves and tunnels located at the bottom of the map, explore them for coal, copper and iron. Also there are 2 hidden chests in those caves.

Combat For A Treasure Chest

  • At the top center of the map, there are 2 skeletons and a prestidigitator guarding a chest, defeat them to unlock the chest with medicinal herb inside.


  • Loot bedroom furniture from damaged building partially covered in sand.

Floating Chest #1

  • This chest is on a floating platform in the air, located to the North of a string of orichalcum veins. You need to build a a bridge to it from a nearby ledge, chest contains orichalcum.

Floating Chest #2

  • There is another chest floating, contain rockbomb shard.

Golem-Guarded Goodies

  • There is a large golem, located on the left top corner of the map, there are two chests awaits you. Defeat the golem and get access to the chests contain steel ingots and golemities.

Terra Orientalis Locations:

Unsullied Earth Puzzle

From the starting point, while uou are on your way to explore the area, there is a chest surrounded by the poisoned water. Place blocks into the poisoned water until all the water is gone, knock out the blocks and refill them with earth blocks. Now you can open the chest.


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  1. Hello, I just finished beating the Cantlin Golem and i did all the major quests including the Cantlin Garden. My question is how do I get to Tara Incognita .

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