Dragon Quest Builders – Room Building Guide

Building is the primary activity in Dragon Quest Builders. You spend the majority of the game either gathering materials or building with the materials you gather. While building Rooms you need to place blocks. There are many room options that you can build in both story mode and free play.

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Below we list of all the rooms that you can build and how you can build them, check out the list to find out what you need to build a specific room.

Items Category:

Below is the of items that appears in the specific category.

Light source

  • Torch, Bonfire, Cookfire, All Fancy Light Sources

Fancy light source

  • Brick Barbecue, Sconce, Lantern, Brazier, Naughty Night Light, Candlestick, Candelabrum, Fireplace, Stove


  • Straw Mattress, All Fancy Beds

Fancy bed

  • Simple Bed, King-Sized Bed, Princess-Sized Bed


  • Stone Table, Small Table, Big Table, Round Table, Dining Table, Extravagant Table, Bar Counter


  • Wooden Stool, Stone Stool, Comfy Stool, Chic Chair, Throne, Dragonlord’s Throne

Decorative food

  • Bread Basket, Crockery, Fish Dish, Meat Fest, Salad Plate, Tea Service

Smithing station

  • Forge, Furnace

Resident’s sign

  • Gentleman Sign, Lady Sign


  • Butterbean Sprout, Heartfruit Seed, Holyhock Seed, Potato Sprout, Sugar Cane Seedling, Wheat Seed


  • Freezia, Milkblossom, Coralily, Daffodaisy, Holyhock, Tingleweed, Bigonia, Pongsettia, Pot Plant


  • Grass, Fibrous Fern, Bogwort, Sandwort, Witchgrass, Lemongrass, Stalwort, Frogstool, Cotton Plant, medicinal shrub


  • Cactus Trunk, Cactus Crown, Prickly Peach Cactus


  • Plumberry, Palm, Cedar, Cherry Blossom


  • Small Stones, Pumice, Big Rock

Evil item

  • Huge Horn, Chains, Vile Tile, Vile Visage, Draconic Column, Evil Idol, Dragonlord’s Throne, Dragon Bones

Blighted item

  • Broken Barricade, Broken Brickwork, Shadowgrass, Infernal Ivy, Septic Shrub, Dilapidated Crate, Bones, tattered standard, frogstool, tainted tree, dead tree, twisted tree trunk, tattered tent

Display stand

  • Equipment Display Stand, Item Display Stand


  • Wooden Cross, Gravestone, Metal Memorial


  • Blue Teleportal, Green Teleportal, Red Teleportal


  • Curved Track, Sloped Track, Straight Track

Rooms in Story Mode:

Chapter 1

Stonemason’s smithy

  • Buttress, Plant Pot, Equipment Display Stand

Blacksmith’s studio

  • Bathtub, Clover Carving


  • Stone Window, Item Display Stand

Chapter 2

Carpenter’s workshop

  • Porched Window

Carpenter’s studio

  • Hardwood Tile, Bathtub

Herbalist’s workshop

  • Bottles

Watering hole

  • Water Jug

Chapter 3

Welder’s workshop

  • Grandfather Clock

Miner’s refinery

  • Arched Window

Miner’s smithy

  • Bathtub

Miner’s studio

  • Item Display Stand

Chapter 4

Stonemason’s workshop

  • Stone Window, Clover Carving, Bathtub

Stonemason’s smithy

  • Mini Merlon

Blacksmith’s studio

  • Castle Crenellation, Stone Window, Equipment Display Stand, Mini Merlon

Room Building:

Below you will find the list of all the rooms and items that you need to build the room, for items details you can check the item category for more information, like if “Light source” mention, all item (Torch, Bonfire, Cookfire, All Fancy Light Sources) in this category will fulfill the requirement.


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