Fallout 4 – Robot Model Kit and Overdue Books Location Guide

There are some other items which will not help you in the your battle or have no other benefit, but you can have these miscellaneous toys to decorate your settlements or sell them for some extra Caps. Robot models often appear in Vault-Tec Lunchboxes, but they can also be built from any robot model kits. On the other hand overdue books scattered all across the Commonwealth.

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Here we have the list of both Robot Model Kit and Overdue Books, with the location, where you can find them easily.

Robot Model Kit Locations:

Eyebot Model Kit

  • Location: [6.12] Fallons Department Store
  • Go to the second level, which is Employees only storage room and collect this kit from the shelves near Protectron and terminal

Mr. Gutsy Model Kit

  • Location: [3.14] Boston Mayoral Shelter
  • Go to the blue wallpapered bedroom, which is located to the east of stairs down from bar, you will find the kit in it.

Mr. Handy Model Kit

  • Location: [4.04] Hugo’s Hole
  • This one is located near Hazmat Suit and Holotape on the shelf

Robot Model Kit Parts

  • Location: [5.05] Lake Cochituate
  • You can find it at the northeast shore in ramshackle settler shacks.

Robot Model Kit Parts

  • Location: [4.02] Mahkra Fishpacking
  • This one is located inside small concrete exterior maintenance building

Robot Model Kit Parts

  • Location: [5.01] Poseidon Reservoir
  • Look for the up broken pipe between plant and warehouse, to Railroad dead drop

Protectron Model Kit

  • Location: [4.16] Revere Beach Station
  • In the locked garage, by the power armor station

SentryBot Model Kit

  • Location: [5.30] O’Neill Family Manufacturing
  • Accessed via the concrete hole: In the buried room on the metal table by the wall terminal

Overdue Book Locations:

You can exchange collected book return tokens for useful prizes at book return terminals. The terminal within the Boston Public Library even contains a Massachusetts Surgical Journal.

  • East Boston Preparatory School (9 Books)
  • Shaw High School (8 Books)
  • Boston Public Library (6 Books)
  • Suffolk County Charter School (5 Books)
  • Collegiate Administration Building (4 Books)
  • Sandy Coves Convalescence Home (4 Books)


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