Far Cry 5 – Side Missions Detail and Reward

There are plenty of side mission that you can complete in the game, you can find these mission if different areas of the 3 regions (John’s Region : Holland Valley – Jacob’s Region: Whitetail Mountains and Faith’s Region: Henbane River).

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Below we have every single side mission that you can find and complete in the game with the details and rewards that you can earn after completing them.

John’s Region: Holland Valley – Side Missions:

Bear Necessities

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Gardenview Packing Facility (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

After defeating Project at Eden’s Gate lunatics at the Gardenview Packing Facility, look for the Resistance fighter at the facility warehouse. Speak to him to start the mission.

Patriot Acts

  • Prerequisites: None (Wingsuit is optional)
  • Rewards: Zebra Skin for the SMG-11 (Weapon Skin), $2,000

You can find the Special Agent Willis Huntley at the lookout close to Howard Cabin, southwest of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.

Stunt Activity – Spray And Pray

  • Rewards: Fly That Flag (Plane), $2,000
  • Fly through checkpoints, destroying anything that blocks your path.

Find the patriotic shrine to the legendary Clutch Nixon along the dirt road just northwest of the Copperhead Rail Yard, here you can start this mission.


  • Prerequisites: Liberate U.S. Auto (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

Once you have clear the U.S. Auto, speak to the indicated Resistance member, who requests you find three prisoners.

Stunt Activity – Baptism Of Fire

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: Rocket’s Red Glare (Vehicle), $2,000

Locate and clear the Reservoir Construction Yard of enemies. Then find the patriotic shrine to the infamous Clutch Nixon, the near-mythical daredevil, here you can start this mission.

The Judge Moose

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Green-Busch Fertilizer Co. (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

After clearing the Green-Busch Fertilizer Co. outpost, find a Resistance fighter outside the store with this mission.

Golden Age Nostalgia

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: $2,000

Go to Dodd residence, located in the hilly and wooded area south of the orchards, to start this mission.

Water Works

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Sunrise Farm (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

As you free the citizens of Sunrise Farm from the yoke of oppression, talk to a Resistance fighter with a mission.


  • Prerequisites: Complete Story Mission: Grace Under Fire
  • Rewards: $800

After helping the Grace Armstrong hold off enemy forces at Lamb of God church, speak to one of the Resistance fighters that arrive to start this mission.

The Hero’s Journey

  • Prerequisites: Complete Story Mission: Free Larry
  • Rewards: $2,000

Speak to Larry again to start this side mission, in which a paranoid Larry tells you that unknown forces have bugged a nearby tower with listening devices.

Close Encounters

  • Prerequisites: Complete Side Mission: The Hero’s Journey
  • Rewards: $2,000

Speak with Larry, and he reveals some shocking information regarding a possible alien incursion at the Bradbury farm due west of here.

Out Of This World

  • Prerequisites: Complete Side Mission: Close Encounters
  • Rewards: Magnopulser (Weapon), $2,500

Speak with Larry one more time; he needs some additional power to get his contraption working.

Testy Festy

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Fall’s End
  • Rewards: $2,000

With Eden’s Gate driven from Fall’s End, head into the Spread Eagle bar, and consult the cook. Talk to Casey Fixman in the kitchen.

Prairie Oyster Harvest

  • Prerequisites: Complete Side Mission: Testy Festy, Flamethrower (optional)
  • Rewards: Testicle Festival T-Shirt (Custom Outfit), $2,500)

Head inside the Spread Eagle at Fall’s End to speak with Casey to start this mission.

What They Carried

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Rewards: MS16 (Weapon), $2,000

Head to the Redler residence, close to the winding river in southeastern Holland Valley, due east of Fall’s End. Here you can start this mission.

Cow Punching

  • Prerequisites: Liberate Kellett Cattle Co. (Cult Outpost)
  • Rewards: $800

Liberate Kellett Cattle Company outpost, speak to one of the Resistance fighters to start this mission.

Valley Armed Convoy

  • Prerequisites: Resistance Rating Level 2+ (Holland Valley)
  • Rewards: $2,000

As soon as the Resistance Rating for Holland Valley increases to Level 2, John Seed realizes you aren’t playing around and sends out three truck convoys to punish your little uprising. Dutch radios in to let you know about them.

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