The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – All Treasure Hunts Locations Guide

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has many areas where you can Hunt the Treasure, these Hidden Treasure can sometimes be located by interacting with a nearby notice board, but other times can only be discovered while exploring.

You can find these treasure while completing the side quests or may be guarded by powerful enemies. Each site will usually contain several chests or containers, at least holding randomized rare loot including Weapons, Armor and Alchemy and Crafting Diagrams.

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All Treasure Hunts Locations:

There are 30 Hidden Treasure Hunts. These quick Secondary Quests start with you finding a clue, indicating the presence of treasure at a predetermined spot.

Secondary Quest: Freya Be Praised

You uncover something of interest just outside the village of Arinbjorn in Ard Skellig, the remains of a merchant’s cart. There is usually a “glittering” indication that there’s something worth checking at the location, so loot it.

Quest Items: Itirant Merchant Notes, Small Chest Key

If there’s a note, always check your Quest Items menu and read it. Sometimes it holds a clue to where treasure can be found. By now, a “hidden treasure” message should have appeared on your screen. However, there usually isn’t any indication where the chest is. Descend to the edge of the nearby lake, slay a group of drowners and then swim out using your Witcher Senses into the lake to spot the underwater chest. Dive down, using the small chest key to loot the chest, and your hunt is complete.

Secondary Quest: X Marks The Spot

  • Locations: Blandare (Ard Skellig), Ruined Farmhouse, Fayrlund


  • Unfold the map

While wandering the settlement of Blandare, in the middle of Ard Skellig, travel southeast a little way around the eastern side of the small lake, and discover the dilapidated remains of a Ruined Farmhouse. Continue inside to discover an old skeleton holding an equally ancient key and map. Watch for a wraith appearing if you check these bones.

Quest Items: Old Key, Mysterious Map

Unfold the map in your Inventory menu and discover a rough sketch of a settlement, with a circled waterfall nearby and treasure.


  • Follow the map to find the treasure

The chest containing the treasure you seek is at the base of the waterfall, in the fast-moving stream, close to the village of Fayrlund to the west. Head there, possibily passing through the abandoned settlement of Kaer Nyssen, looking for wolves, rapid streams, a small bridge, and the ravine you can drop into. Note the wolf symbol on the rocks by the waterfall (use your Witcher Senses!). Unlock the chest using the key for the treasure.

Secondary Quest: Ruins, Hidden Treasure, You Know

  • Location: Dorve Ruins (Undvik)


  • Unfold the treasure map
  • Nearest Signpost: Dorve Ruins

While exploring the ruins of Dorve, the village close to the lair of the ice giant on Undvik Isle, travel east through the western gate, close to the signpost, and stop at the cliff edge. Discover an old skeleton holding an equally ancient key and map.

Quest Items: Old Key, Mysterious Map

Open up the map in your Inventory menu, and discover a rudimentary etching of a settlement, with an “X” marking the foot of a tall tower.


  • Use the map to find the treasure

The chest containing the treasure requires a swift run uphill, since the map is actually of Dorve. Go east, up the slope where two sirens flit about the narrow and fallen towers of the fort atop the hill. Look for a witcher wolf Sign daubed on the walls here. Step into the tower ruins, climb the ladder, edge across the wooden ledge near a large bird’s nest, and find a small wooden chest. Use the Old Key to unlock it for treasure you seek.

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