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  • Sorwyn

    Did this guide ever get finished in a different location? It’s great but just stops after the first point in Terra Orientalis?

    • Enqua

      I hope more gets added. I’m looking for the curious contraption to make the bashmobile!

  • pandaarya

    In terra borealis I have found two: head to the northeast from the portal (I walked around the cliffs mining as I went.) In the first big batch of lava you will see some skulls next to a sign. Build a bridge across the lava and keep going. You need four dragon skulls which can be found nearby. I found five total. Head back and replace the skulls with the dragon slulls, making sure the dragons head is on the gray stone.

    The second one I found is pretty close by but I haven’t solved it. Continue to head northeast. You will see some hot springs but go past them towards a little gap in the cliffs. You need straw and it is called “front to back”. You have to match some sort of pattern but from what I can tell it is kind of nonsensical. If anyone solved this I could use the help. I’d recommend going back to those hot springs for the crystals though.

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