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  • Zack Weiler

    a good section i feel this needs, would be a section on the controls.

    For example, something i didnt figure out untill i was days of playtime in, is that when placing an item in the settlement if you HOLD E it will change the way you move the object around.

    The normal has the object fixed to your cursor and mouse wheel very awkwardly changes the distance from you the item places.

    While HOLDING E, your viewpoint is locked and you can move the object relative to your cursor, at current height, and mouse wheel raises and lowers the object.

    The great part is once you move the object relative to your cursor if you then let go of E it stays in that offset position. allowing many options for placing objects in tight spaces where it might be hard to get your character.

    • Nice… thanks for the tip

    • GLORPO

      What would “E” correspond to on an XBox controller?

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