Assassin’s Creed Origins – Hermit Location Sites Detail

Meditate at five locations around Ancient Egypt to earn one Ability Point each time. These sites are typically located at a high point or guarded by wildlife.

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Hermit Location SitesDetails:

  • Total: 5
  • Objective: Meditate at each hermit location
  • Reward: 1 AP per location

Eremites Hideout

  • Territory: Faiyum

Look for ruins on the lake’s east side and head up the steps. Watch out for the cobras that often protect loot on each side of the path. At the top, climb the big archway to find the red blanket. Interact with it to get the Ability Point.

Ra-Horakhty Mountain Top

  • Territory: Black Desert

Climb to the highest point in the Black Desert to find this location. A trail leads all the way up to the destination. You can interact with the red carpet.

Demesne Of Sekhem

  • Territory: Herakleion Nome

Find the hermit location directly east of Herakleion village. Just southeast of the hut, a corpse lies on a blanket, surrounded by candles and flower petals. Watch out for a Level 28 leopard that roams this swampy area. If it gives you trouble, climb the structure and use your bow from the higher vantage point. Interact with the ground at the foot of the body to earn an Ability Point.


  • Territory: Paraitonion

Once you find the deserted village of Ogdamos, built into a mountainside, enter the open house on the far right. Meditate on the blanket that sits on the platform inside. This is a great location to find a house cat as a pet, even though they are unhelpful in a fight.

Aquifer Oasis

  • Territory: Qattara Depression

You may have to clear out a few Level 24 hyenas in the area before proceeding. Keep an eye out for the wild dogs, as you are vulnerable. Look for the trio of torches in the water and you can interact with the point in the middle.

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