Assassin’s Creed Origins – Ptolemy Statue Locations Guide

There are total 19 Ptolemy Statues that you can find and destroy in Assassin’s Creed Origins, destroying these Statues will gives you extra XP. This will also help you to complete the game 100%.

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Ptolemy Statues Details:

  • Total: 19
  • Objective: Destroy the Ptolemy statues
  • Reward: 150, 300, or 450 XP per Ptolemy statue

Below we have listed all Ptolemy Statues with their locations, so you can spot them easily an can destroy them.


  • Territory: Siwa

To find the statue, look for the three-way intersection that forms a triangle in the middle of Siwa. It sits just north of Siwa’s Nomad’s Bazaar.


  • Territory: Kanopos Nome

An indoor market sits less than 100 meters north of Lageion Hippodrome. Destroy the statue that sits between the two structures.

West Of Alexandria

  • Territory: Lake Mareotis

Northwest of Lake Mareotis, west of Alexandria, another tribute to Ptolemy sits at a fork in the road just southwest of a narrow bay.

South Of Apollodorus’ Estate

  • Territory: Kanopos Nome

Follow the main path south from Apollodorus’ Estate and take the left route at the fork. The statue sits next to a stable farther south.

South Of Sais

  • Territory: Sapi-Res Nome

Follow the main path south from Sais until you reach the first major intersection, east of a Viewpoint. Destroy the statue at this location.

Castoff Temple Of Hapi

  • Territory: Ineb-Hedjet Nome

Head to the ruin at Castoff Temple of Hapi, south of Kerkasoros. The statue sits between the point of interest and the main path.


A village has been burned at Mefkat, on the region’s southwest side. A statue has been erected on the west side of the destruction as a reminder.

Northeast Of Per Ousir

  • Territory: Ineb-Hedjet Nome

A little northeast of Per Ousir, a statue sits on the east side of the road.

Hugros Crossing Watchtower

  • Territory: Ineb-Hedjet Nome

In the northern reaches of the region, next to Hugros Crossing Watchtower, a statue sits at another fork in the road.


  • Territory: Faiyum

Philoteris sits in the southern part of Faiyum, directly west of Euhemeria. A Ptolemy statue has been erected next to the road in front of the property.


  • Territory: Ineb-Hedjet Nome

The statue sits in Kerkasoros, between the waterway and main path. It overlooks a worksite, where bricks are being created.

Northwest Faiyum Oasis

  • Territory: Faiyum Oasis

In northwestern Faiyum Oasis, a statue sits directly southwest of a Greek piazza.

North Of Krokodilopolis

  • Territory: Faiyum Oasis

A second Greek piazza is being built in the southern portion of the region, north of Krokodilopolis. This statue sits at a fork in the road, just south of the structure.

Central Libue

  • Territory: Libue

Move up the main path, north from Siwa, until you reach an intersection. The statue sits on the south side of that intersection.

Udjat Apiary Viewpoint

  • Territory: Im-Khent Nome

Southwest of Udjat Apiary, a statue sits in the shadow of the nearby Viewpoint, just off the main path.


  • Territory: Isolated Desert

Follow the road west that runs along Giza’s southern border, into Isolated Desert. A statue sits next to the Ouahe point of interest.

Temple Of Khonsou

  • Territory: Herakleion Nome

Move north through the village of Herakleion, toward the Temple of Khonsou. The statue sits out front of the building.

Pissa Oros Citadel

  • Territory: Isolated Desert

The major stronghold of Pissa Oros Citadel sits in the far western portion of the Isolated Desert. Head east about 250 meters to find a statue on the road’s north side.

South Of Memphis

  • Territory: Atef-Pehu Nome

Follow the main road south from Memphis into Atef-Pehu, where a statue sits just north of the path.

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